Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Doesn't Matter, Don't Care

House Republicans claim they're about creating jobs by cutting spending. Several studies, now, including those of non-liberal groups, have crashed the party:

To quickly review, Moody's Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi, an advisor to the McCain/Palin campaign in 2008, found the Republican proposal would result in 700,000 fewer American jobs by the end of 2012. If follows data from the Center for American Progress, which found that the Republican budget plan would force roughly 975,000 Americans from their jobs. And just last week, economists at Goldman Sachs estimated that the GOP proposal would reduce economic growth by as much as 2% of GDP, which would cause the unemployment rate to go up about a point.

Jill Lawrence, meanwhile, goes a little further, and argues that "two independent economic reports, a liberal think tank and four bipartisan reports" all agree that "slashing federal spending this year could cause job losses and threaten the economic recovery."...

...And Lawrence and I both neglected to mention yet another report from the Economic Policy Institute, which evaluated the Republican plan and projected that "cuts of this magnitude would likely result in job losses of just over 800,000."

In case that's not enough, there's this.

And here's the shocker, which I'm sure no one will believe: Congressional teabaggers don't care.

So what's the deal? Is it, in fact, a conspiracy? Are Republicans so cynical that they're attempting to put brakes on recovery so Obama will lose in 2012? Or is it just that they are so stuck on tax cuts and spending cuts that they'll them no matter the facts, helplessly, like some cosmically perverse form of OCD?

I'm guessing it's both. We've seen, over and over, teabagger willingness to lie about Obama's programs in order to defeat him at whatever cost. And, surely, by now all doubt has been removed as to their disinterest in facts that disprove their dogmata, whether about economics, climate change, or birth certificates. (Huckabee just came up with a new take on that one.) Either way -- or even if there's another explanation -- if they prevail, the country is surely screwed. And the thing is, these damaging cuts do practically nothing to address the deficit. They're simply cold-hearted and feckless symbolism, accomplishing only harm.

Of course, there is another explanation, as I've said repeatedly: they have theirs, and they couldn't care less if you ever get yours...

Tell 'em, Homer.


  1. Watta ya expect with fat cats like you payin Bush-era tax rates?...
    I don't get it,
    with a $1.8 trillion deficit, which is hommina hommina, carry the 3,
    1,800 billion dollars, or
    1,800,000 million dollars,or 18,000,000,000 ten dollar bills you could have just given every American Man/Woman/Child $60,000, poverty level, I know, and if you wanta include my Pool/Lawn/Barber/Plumber/Orthopedist it'd still be over $50,000 for every swinging Barney Frank..


  2. Check the expiration date on your prescriptions, Frankie. Seriously.

  3. oh yeah, smarty pants?,
    attack the messenger, oh well, beats tryin to refute un-refutable facts.
    and I don't HAVE any prescriptions, Medicare Part-D breath.
    Only acid I drop is acetylsalicylic, 81mg to keep the Cardiologist away.
    OK, maybe a Cialis sample once in a blue moon, if little Frank's had a tough day.


  4. "they have theirs, and they couldn't care less if you ever get yours..."

    Add the corollary;

    They have theirs , and they intend to take yours!!!


  5. I don't think this one's been posted here; if it has, don't bother approving the comment. Allegory for the current political climate: A health-insurance CEO, a unionized public employee, and teabagger are sitting at a table. A tray with a dozen cookies on it is set in the middle. The CEO takes 11 of the cookies and says to the teabagger "Look out for that union guy -- he's about to take half your cookie."

  6. "-- he's about to take half your cookie."



  7. "would result in 700,000 fewer American jobs by the end of 2012"

    Just in time for the election. It *is* the president who's at fault anyway.


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