Friday, March 25, 2011


It's been a favorite Foxobeckian theme ever since Obama's election: that he "apologizes" for America, that he went on an "apology tour." About a month ago, there was a very detailed article about it, with full context of the statements and events over which the RWS™ panties are abunched.

All you need to know about American politics at the present time you can deduce by reading the article in full, and then the first several comments. Prepare to be dumfounded.

Along similar lines, there's this article, in which a lonely blogger attends a meeting of small business owners discussing the benefits of the ACA. No other reporter attended.

... It isn't like it was held in an inconvenient location. I didn't expect television cameras, but I did expect some coverage by either the print or radio press...

...They will report on people who scream about "death panels" and "government takeover of healthcare" -- both rated "lies of the year" by PolitiFact for 2009 and 2010, respectively -- but they don't report on the very real benefits of the legislation.

No wonder the law isn't more popular.

If the traditional media had sent a reporter to the Marriott this morning, they could have reported on the benefits to small business, like the tax credit that allows Merrill Gobetz, the operations manager of Bistro Kids to insure her chefs, and how access to healthcare has made her employees healthier, less stressed and more productive....

... A lot of small businesses jumped at the chance to offer their employees health coverage as soon as they could afford to, thanks to the tax credit. Low income individuals who aren't offered health coverage benefit as well, because the ACA increased funding to subsidize community health centers, where low-income people can receive care either free or at a reduced rate...

So, there you have it: For teabaggers, facts, when presented, are bugs on a windshield. And when they run counter to the preferred media narrative, they're not even presented at all. (And, speaking of death panels, the ACA and R attempts to undo it, I wonder if this will ever get mainstream attention?)

It's really quite amazing.

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