Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No Worries

When a nuclear device is detonated, it gives rise to raja-tama predominant vibrations of the Absolute Cosmic Fire element. Discordant subtle sounds accompany these frequencies. These subtle sounds have a subtle harmful effect on the mind and intellect of the people in the vicinity of the nuclear attack. It can range from depression, to negative thoughts, to fogging up of the intellect.

When the ritual of Agnihotra is performed, it gives rise to sattva predominant vibrations of the Absolute Cosmic Fire element. The fire created from Agnihotra disintegrates the raja-tama particles and therefore purifies the environment at a spiritual level. It also creates a subtle protective sheath around the person performing the ritual. This sheath is highly sensitive to anything related to the Absolute Cosmic Fire element and from the subtle dimension this sheath looks reddish.

The raja-tama predominant Absolute Cosmic Fire particles (emanating from a nuclear device detonating) strike in a very harsh and callous manner. The protective sheath intuitively knows in advance when they are coming near it and as a reflex action it sends the Absolute Cosmic Fire frequencies from within it towards the raja-tama predominant particles with tremendous force. This destroys the raja-tama predominant Absolute Cosmic Fire particles which give rise to the sound frequencies. As a result, the destructive Absolute Cosmic Fire from the detonated nuclear device loses its power.

It's even better, vis a vis current events, or so one would infer:

3.1 What decides the effectiveness of the Agnihotra ritual during a nuclear holocaust?

It is important to keep in mind that the protection levels that are being discussed are in a nuclear holocaust environment. Therefore, the benefit that the ritual of Agnihotra can provide, is severely restricted compared to a peace-time scenario.

Clearly, this is much more scientific, than mere prayer, which, under the circumstances, seems like sort of a hail-Mary.

[Here's the link, which I followed from Pharyngula.]

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