Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It'd be pretty hard to make an argument that Fox "news" and NPR are simply two sides of the same coin: the former is a self-admitted propaganda machine for right-wing views, caught in multiple instances of deliberate and deceptive manipulation of the news; the other, which provides mostly non-political programming along with news and specials, the latter of which tend to be about issues liberals think important (silly stuff like the environment, science, world affairs, education), but which has no announced political motivation. There's no comparison between a discussion by or with politicians or opinionators on NPR and something similar on Fox. This can be measured in more than decibels, but it's a reasonable baseline. Show me a Charlie Rose on Fox, a Jim Lehrer, a Shields/Brooks discussion; for that matter, anything remotely like The News Hour in general. Or Nova. Or The American Experience. Or, since I just realized we're talking NPR and not PBS (which I consider the same, and are similarly funded), All Things Considered, or This American Life, or Fresh Air.

Okay, I'll give you Celtic Thunder. And pledge night.

Unlike the managing editor at Fox and his emails, the NPR guy who got caught by the latest act of the notorious scam artist has nothing to do with programming or content. And, unsurprisingly following the usual Foxobreitbartian script, the footage the scammer released had been deceptively edited. But it is disappoining to those of us (me, anyway) who regard NPR as a useful and informative stop on the information highway. In fact, it's even personal: one of my best friends from college, with whom I keep in comparatively close touch, is slightly involved. A director of The Aspen Institute, which had already hired the NPR guy before his flagrante, he'd been negotiating a deal for something or other with Juan Williams and Vivian Schiller when that other brew ha-ha'd. In an email response to mine, in which I noted his outfit was in the news a couple of days ago, he said only, "Ugh."

Especially in these tough times, I can't argue strongly that tax money ought to support any media organization; even one that stands alone in producing in-depth and thoughtful programs on important issues, which takes its audience for reasonably intelligent, which is the one place where you're likely to find difficult subjects given the serious treatment they deserve. To lose such a resource -- especially by dint of carelessness on the part of a person unrelated to content, at the hands of a right-wing trickster hyped incessantly by the entire panoply of RWS™ -- would be a great loss to anyone interested in politics at a meaningful level.

So, yeah, it's embarrassing. Even more so since NPR managed to make everything worse in the way they handled it. (Among other things, they could have pointed out what the guy said, even if manipulated, was true!)

Unable to defend themselves despite being right... hmm... maybe they are liberals.


  1. Psst Sid, when people say "Zionist" its like the N-Word...
    Well except you can say it and not get beat up...
    Whats a "Zion" anyway? sounds like a new car...

    Oh C'mon Sid, you know surer than Ted Kennedy won't make the 2012 US Olympic Swimming Team that if Fox News(How DO you make that little "Trademark" sign?)got a Red-Cent of Tax Moolah, you'd have your Scrubs all in a Wad...
    and just curious, seriously, not sarcastic,
    When you trained, back in the 40's, I mean 50's, 60's, did EVERYONE where Scrubs EVERYWHERE!?!?! I mean now even effin ENDOCRINOLOGISTS are wearin Scrubs just like they were real doctors..
    Even in the 80's I remember the Surgery Residents at MY school had to wear TIEs to clinic, Grand Rounds, and they were only allowed to wear Scrubs in or on the way to the OR...
    In fact thats why I chose Anesthesia, Scrubs 24-7, I even wore em to my Residency Interview...
    Well really a Suit, but the dude was in the OR(really, he was)so I had to change and he interviewed me right next to the Narkomed...
    OK, back then the "Interview" was basically a language test, umm actually a "fog the mirror" test.
    Sorry for goin all Me-Ellen-Me-Me-Kim-Me-Me-Me-Ble, but I checked out "Shields & Brooke" one Friday nite, and what a Rip-Off,
    NO Brooke Shields, just 2 lame-O Talking Heads who don't even raise there voices. BOR-ING
    and would it hurt for NPR to hire just ONE female who's not totally hideous???
    Rachel Mad-cow for instance, put a little make up on her, a Womens haircut, and I'd give her a look...


  2. After the many revelations about James O'Keefe's deceptive editing, why anyone reacts to his videos with anything other than "Yeah, right. What really happened?" is a complete mystery to me.

  3. Frank - that whole scrubs thing ...very funny! :)

    I wonder if nurses feel the same way? because now I see front office staff in some physician offices wearing scrubs. Oh and my girlfriend worked for the radiologist billing office and they ..the billers and demographic entry staff ...all wore scrubs, but whatever colors and patterns they wanted to.

    At least one med office I know of, they are uniform in that the front office has to wear white.

    Anyway, must be cool wearing pajamas 24/7. And I'll bet when your coworkers see you in clothes they're shocked and probably think you look well dressed ...even if casual clothes.

    I always feel shocked when I see my nurse friends in clothes and think they look great... more so than other people that wear clothes all the time.

    Dr S, I agree with Frank about the tax dollars thing. You would have your panties in a wad if tax dollars funded anything conservative.

    I wish everyone would just stop saying all the horrible things they say ...on both sides. Why label people and groups? Just stick to the issues.

    I watched that video. He was clear that he was speaking on his own and not representing NPR. I don't agree with him, but he has a right to his own opinion.

    And I think Juan had a right to his own opinion. He certainly is not racist and yet was painted that way. He seems to be a good man and that really seemed so unfair.

    I do not see anything wrong with anyone going undercover. If an organization is on the up and up then there shouldn't be a problem.

    I take serious issue with tea party people being called racist. That is such a serious charge(bantered around too much) and frankly waters down the validity of the charge for when someone actually is racist.

    KKK = racist

    Neo nazi = racist

    Tea party people are a diverse group of Americans from all socioeconomic levels, united for what they believe to be important causes. They have been effective and done so without violence.

    Boy ...this presidential race is going to be quite interesting.

  4. First of all, Seaspray, there are plenty of conservative causes that get federal money. Second, NPR is not a liberal organization.

    But convincing you of that would be like convincing you of evolution, or that Glenn Beck is a dangerous crazy person.

    Gee, an American political party that's successful without violence. How strong an endorsement.

    Explain how the plans coming out of Congress are helpful. Point to a job-promoting proposal. They're successful; I've never argued otherwise. But what they are promoting will be the end of us. You'll never see it, even when it's obvious and too late.

    Tell me: what do teabaggers believe in, and why? Based on what evidence?

    How pleasant to live in your world.


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