Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Guy Who Gave Us Sarah...

[The above, from 2009, is not fake.]

How is it that John McCain is considered credible on anything? Here's his latest:

Asked about Moammar Gadhafi:

"This is a man with American blood on his hands who has committed acts of terror in the past. And our policy, the United States policy, as articulated by the President of the United States, is that he should go -- he should not stay in power."

And asked siding with Libyan rebels with unknown agendas:

"[I]t does take time -- it did during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan -- but we were able to provide them with some weapons and wherewithal to cause the Russians to leave Afghanistan. So we can do it."

On the first point, McCain has an odd memory of recent events. As Justin Elliott explained, Republicans weren't at all concerned about the American blood on Gadhafi's hands -- the Bush administration removed Libya from the official list of state sponsors of terrorism and engaged in direct talks with Gadhafi. More to the point, John McCain personally visited with Gadhafi in August 2009 to discuss delivery of American military equipment to the Libyan dictator.

Maybe this has slipped the senator's mind?

As for the second point, it's true that we provided aid to Afghan rebels that fought the Soviets, and it's also true that Russia gave up and left Afghanistan, but is this really the example McCain wants to use? Those rebels, after all, were the mujahedeen, which included a guy named Osama bin Laden.

He could have been our president. Simply amazing. Even more amazing: he's the favorite guest on every Sunday morning talk show, as if he actually has credibility.

Stupid politicians and lazy journalists. What a deadly combination.

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  1. John Baldwin Major USAMarch 30, 2011 at 9:01 PM

    John McCain is not a "Hero" in my mind, he was shot down...once..OK,and he endured a lot which I, nor most of you could not take...but as one who really saw combat in Nam and what the consequences: physically, mentally, emotionally and afterwards.. were of a totally unnecessary war that lasted from lst name on the Wall 1959 (during Eisenhower) to 1975 (Ford). 58,200 dead and 303,704 Severely wounded... A War...Undeclared because Congress was/is weak,afraid to vote, to be accounted for, allowing "Commander in Chief" wars to begin and never end. We the people do not demand they abide by Constitution article I section 8...."Congress shall declare War".. but they fund it.

    Last time we declared war was Dec.9, 1941. Anything about the Libya strike you see as similar? And how long....five, ten or more like Nam?

    Compare photos of today's shining, modern Saigon (HoChiMinhCity) with Detroit or Chicago and ask yourself..."who won?"

    John McCain was a prisoner of war and tortured, beaten and abused for nearly 6 years. My psychologist and psychiatrist friends all say that he emerged UNABLE to think correctly, to stand up against different opinions and was rendered "broken forever". I believe this of the man...not his fault, but he is not the person that should be making decisions, particularly as President. And as a consequence, what he says, to me is worthless.


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