Thursday, March 17, 2011

Problem Solved


  1. C'mon: the Tappet Brothers are notoriously subversive. I mean, they even offer advice on the maintenance of imports!

    Get those traitors off the air!

  2. I tried listening to "Car Talk" one Saturday morning while I was waiting to get a filling replaced...
    Jee-Zus, they should call it "2 Guys with Annoying Yankee Accents talk for 45 minutes(whats left of the "Hour" after all the Non-Commercials asking for donationa)and maybe take 2 calls that have nothing to do with Car Repair...
    I'd rather get a root canal....


  3. Hey, hey, hey. I was on that show once, Frank, and it most certainly WAS about cars. (My Ford Bronco, actually.) It was the high point of my life, fame-wise. I blogged about it; can't remember if it was here or Surgeonblog and I'm about to be called to the O.R., so you can search if you want...


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