Sunday, March 13, 2011

A New Angle

I think they don't give their idea enough credit: without all those buildings in the way, I'm certain the prayer waves will be much more effective. It's a line-of-sight thing: prayertons are like photons. It's genius.

Must be why god invented helicopters. (Okay, it was Leonardo. But the point remains.)


  1. Looks like those two dudes found a way to trick someone else into paying for their helicopter rides.

    The pastors future plans to "serve the community":
    1.) 50 yard line seats to pray for NFL players.
    2.) Pray at the best steakhouse in town for the hungry.
    3.) Rent a Ferrari to drive around in and pray for the world's auto workers.
    4.) Buy a 3000 sq ft house to live in and pray for the homeless.
    5.) Buy in-ground pool to pray for soldiers in Iraq, since they're probably hot.


  2. I think you're onto something, PT.

  3. Elmer Gantry weeps...only because he didn't think of it.

    Head down in embarrassment,


  4. Hi Sid,

    Greetings from Sedona, Arizona. What a weekend! We am still in shock. Surprised you haven't picked up on the earthquake / tsunami / imminent nuclear disaster. The photos and videos are stunning, heartbreaking,and awe-inspiring. Thought surely you'd have something to say.

    Did you see the article about the new tilt to the axis of the earth? The earthquake moved our planet 10 cm. Look here:

    Husband has finished writing his 84,000 word book. Now comes the fun: Marketing the darned thing. Sedona might be the right place to start, with its ties to spirituality and mysticism. Cheers! EK

  5. I don't see anything wrong with it. Your post was funny though. (prayertons - Ha ha!)They said on the ground or air ..prayer works.

    True a cell, underwater,in the air, in the dark, in space, not spoken ..all prayers are heard by God. Logistics don't matter.

    Must be fun.

    I flew in one once. So cool! :)

    If it's a fact the cost is coming out of parishioner's pockets, then I would think the money could be spent more wisely. But if they are kicking in for the fuel ..then why not?

  6. Why didn't you post my comment Dr S?

  7. Because I don't spend 100% of my time online.

  8. You've lost me Dr S.

    All I said was that I thought your comment was funny, "prayertons " and that I didn't see anything wrong with what they were doing providing it wasn't coming out of the parishioner's pockets and could be better spent elsewhere.

    I mentioned it looked fun and I had ridden in one once.

    And agreed with the pastors that prayer works above ground, on the ground, and then I added things like in the dark, under the sea ..everywhere God can hear our prayers ...including silent ones.

    I don't understand what posting my comment had to do with you being on line. ??

    I wasn't giving then approval if church dollars spent. But could appreciate their zeal if their own money.

    And ""prayertons " " was funny.

  9. I didn't see that you posted my comment so you can delete the recent one. still ...what did 100% time on line mean? You always read your comments ..or so I thought.

  10. Geez, Seaspray. Gimme a break. I mean I'm not always on line. I see comments when I'm on line. When I'm not, I don't. Then when I am again, like this morning, I do. It's not complicated, and it's not personal. Chill.

  11. I'm sorry Dr S.

    I thought since you had put the newer posts up that you weren't going to put mine up all.

    And considering what the poor people in Japan are going through ...and other more important things ..I should not care at all.

    My apologies.

  12. I schedule my posts: they appear automatically in the wee hours of the day I want, at times when I fully intend to be, and nearly always am, asleep.

  13. Fine then.

    You get the last word. ;)

  14. Oh-Oh...
    Black helicopters stalking conservatives!

    Surely Missus Palin would like to know about this. She could shriek prayers to Jesus whilst shooting everything in sight.

    Oh! About Missus Palin, SSWoman, when are you going to say if you think she lied about the cross hair thing - you remember?

    How - she tweeted about how successful the bull's eye thing worked on her website, but after Gifford was shot, denied that she had intended any resemblance to putting targets on her opponents --- and then, started babbling about "Blood Libel." Much to the discomfort of Fox "news" chief Roger Ailes.

    I'm sure you remember!

    I'm sure Sid will post your, several thousand, light hearted words on the subject.



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