Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not Good, Part Two

Rumor has it that the president authorized covert action in Libya well before he pledged that there'd be no troops on the ground. Okay, maybe they're CIA: not, literally, troops. But it's not good.

What's not good is, first, that, at best, Obama is playing footsie with the truth. Second, much as I'm not one to repeat clich├ęs till the cows come home, it's a slippery slope. Contrary to what I, optimistically, suggested the other day, it's looking less good for the "rebels," whoever the hell they are. (How ironic, if we're helping al Queda.) Will it be possible, if/when it becomes clear they can't defeat Qaddifi's troops, simply to say, we're outta here? Won't we have to kick it up several notches? On the ground?

Too many things have been said back from which it's hard to walk: Khaddafy must go; no troops on the ground; we can't stand idly by as people are killed...

What's needed there is a combined Arab army, sweeping into Libya to save the day and unseat Gadaffi. It can't be about us. But that'll never happen. So, what's next? I guess all we can do is wait and see. Meanwhile, I get the feeling that Sec Gates isn't all that happy about it.


  1. I am shocked that Frankie d has yet to opine on this!

    We have a picked a side in a civil war and have no clue (IMHO) who "our" side is and what they believe. We only know that for some reason they have picked now to revolt against decades of oppression. Is the revolt strategic in its timing, what with the USA military forces and their support resources spread very thin?
    Worst case, MQ prevails,thousands more are slaughtered, and he decides to get back into the terrorist business but now on US soil. Best case....I'll get back to you on that.

    This is a dance I think we should have passed on. The oil will not go away, the culture will continue as it has historically been and no matter who is the ultimate winner, I doubt the people of libya will see better days ahead or that we will have a true friend.

    Please no more american blood spilled for naught. Mission unable to be accomplished, come home

  2. OK Sid, even though its April 1st, I'm bein serious...
    The CICWOP(CIC without Papers)finally got something right...
    Let the A-rabs keep killin each other, its a zero sum game, every AK47 bullet they fire idiotically into the sky is one they can't shoot an infidel with..and if Reagan wasn't such a sentimental Sap, the Iran-Iraq war would STILL be goin on...
    and whens the last time a "Combined Arab Army" swept into anywhere except there own country in a chaotic retreat??
    Oh yeah, its April Fools, GOOD ONE!!!
    doesn't Sec Gates remind you of Henry Gibson? Umm you probably remember him from "Laugh In", the little shrewy guy, he was a Judge on "Boston Legal"...


  3. Dr. John Baldwin USAApril 1, 2011 at 8:50 PM

    I am a shy contributor to this less than center site...far from my roots ...but it is a fabulous site thanks to the incredible Dr. Sid, a man I hope considers me a friend, despite our wide divergence in beliefs.

    I believe that Tom has it right..indeed, dead on. It was/is a civil war, and our entering into it with pressure from France,Germany and Italy was wrong. Again, Article I section 8 of the Constitution was ignored...."Congress shall decare war..." and so, another Commander in Chief of many since...sit down...December 11, 1941 when we last did it RIGHT.
    It was their oil and the Saudis with an airforce and army better than Patton's are voting "present" instead of providing troops or air cover.. (no slur least not a big one)

    The three consequences are : 1. we "win" and occupy and leave...the "rebels" will be better than Quadaffi (however you spell it. think: (Korea, Germany, Iraq) or 2. we lose (Vietnam..My war) and they become a force in ETFs and Int'l trade (while Chicago and Detroit die) or 3. we stay there (Korea, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea,Iran, etc) and spend the 100 million dollars a day (current) to keep it going.
    Folks...this, as Tom said, is "a dance we should have passed on." The president was ready to pass, I belive, but was pushed. Whether inexperience, bad advice or ulterior motives...we shall see. (Or of course, he could be CORRECT)
    Tell me what is better: Arabs killing Arabs or US guys getting killed and accidentally killing civilians and UN advisors. As happened today, and in war bad things happen. Ask me...I know.
    Does anyone think this will enhance our world image? Or bring Muslims to our side?
    If the internet is still operable when the revenge to the USA comes, sign in and say..."gee whiz...I didn't think they would take it that seriously."



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