Thursday, March 19, 2015

Obvious Man

All of the above is true. And yet, Rs still want to do those things that caused the crash in the first place, and refuse to accept the reality of what happened to reverse it. What's wrong with these people? And those who vote for them?


  1. I have an opinion on that question that you might enjoy... BTW, just found your blog, appreciate your POV:

  2. Thanks. Good blog. Good title.

    It's really amazing, isn't it? A formerly decent party has gone completely insane, caters to the insane, considers insanity a business plan. And, for about half the country, it works!

  3. Look at the WIKI definition for "psychopath".
    It explains politicians, politics, and all that is wrong with the current system and those that inhabit, corrupt, and abuse it.
    And they get away with it due to the spiraling decline in our education system -- perpetrated, obviously, by those in politics.
    GOP strategy appears to be "keep'em dumb & happy and they won't care what WE do"

  4. But then, the Democratic strategy seems to be: "keep'em dumb and on the dole, and they will re-elect us forever"

  5. Anonymous #2: Well, that's certainly the Foxolimbeckian wisdom. Other than the fact that the only significant welfare reform was done under a D president, and the fact that it's Rs who are defunding education all across the land, and trying to substitute theocracy for science, prevent people from even using the term "climate change," it sure rings true.

    And isn't it interesting that all the R leaders who used government help to get where they are, are trying to keep it from being available to everyone else. Were they "on the dole" at one point? How about corporate tax breaks? The fact that Boeing paid federal taxes for the first time in years this year; that so many hugely profitable corporations actually get rebates, paying no taxes.

    How about that R darling corporation, Walmart, who pays its employees so little that they're on food stamps and subsidized healthcare; yet Walmart is hugely profitable. On the dole much? You okay with your taxes subsidizing such business profits?

    What percentage of people "on the dole" are literally doing nothing to better themselves or to work? Food stamps? You know some soldiers are getting them, right? On the dole?

    But, sure, stick it on your bumper sticker and vote for the people trying to avoid paying for education, roads, bridges, health care, environmental protection, food safety, and on and on... You're exactly the voter they've worked so hard to confuse. Unless you're one of the 1%, in which case why are you wasting your time reading my blog?


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