Tuesday, March 24, 2015

See Cruz

So the hat of Ted Cruz is now inringened. And he wasted no time in going full Christian evangelical, making his announcement at the phony school created by one of America's most despicable preacher-grifters, peddlers of hate, con-men to those who can't afford to be conned. Urging people to rally behind him, was Ted, calling upon them to "vote our values."

Yeah. Values. Like denying rights to homosexuals. Denying science, replacing it with the Bible. Removing health care coverage, help for the poor. Shifting even more money to the already wealthy via the loved-by-billionaires-and-suckered-by-everyone else flat tax. Pushing false claims about the economy.

Well, it's someone's values, all right. Maybe even today's evangelicals'. But Jesus'? Hard to see where.

Ted Cruz sees himself, far as I can tell, as a pre-anointed savior riding to rescue us all on the wings of angels. He's Jim Jones, he's David Koresh. Were he to become president -- an outcome that even in my most pessimistic moods I find unlikely -- he'd bring the same end upon us all as did they to their deluded followers.

Ted Cruz is a scary, scary dude, with the toxic combination of self-righteous belief in his infallibility and special status among the holy, smug disregard for about half the population, mendacious rejection of science, and willingness to base his campaign on the worst of human foibles: fear, blame, hate, denial. That he could say this with a straight face says it all. That he has a single supporter, let alone the unbridled enthusiasm of countless teabaggers, is as strong an indictment of what America has become as anything I can think of.


  1. 10-4 to exactly what you've said. Mr. Cruz is the Christian version of those we are trying to stop in the ISIS camp: fanatical religious zealots whose worldview is perverted by the certainty of their ignorant convictions. I am mystified as to how sane individuals can't see through his baloney.

  2. Because Oblio, For ISIS and Cruz and all those types, it is about the lust for power, for $ and for real estate and they play on the ignorance and bigotries of people. The not very educated become their followers, and it is sad, how they, so much in need can be so easily persuaded, by virtue of their ingrained taught hatred. And their poverty and discontent with it, can be used to manipulate them. Wherever there are people oppressed, unemployed, undereducated, the seeds lie in fertile ground for fanatical movements ... and their religious superstitions, their nationalism ( Germany WW2) and their biases become useful to wannabee leaders, whose ambition has nothing to do with improving living conditions for anyone. Neutral, factual, non influencing, education is important in progress to ridding the world of the ability to whip up mob lynch mentality.


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