Friday, February 19, 2010

Good News

It's the best news I've heard in a long time. Dick Cheney, who, as far as I can tell, has never been right about anything -- at least not when he was our de-facto leader -- has declared that Barack Obama will be a one-term president.

Hearing that, a sense of great relief took over my soul and, quenched by the cool water of my own certitude, was my thirst for optimism slaked. Nor was that sense at all diminished by the news that Dick was greeted as a hero by the assemblage at which he spoke those words. Wrong at its most anthropomorhic, the embodiment of failure most primal, once again a hero of the right. Bodes well for the good guys.


  1. Then along comes Sid to ruin it for the world. Not only did you jinx it by voicing what everyone was thinking, but now fate has to choose between Cheney being right and your optimism being validated.

    Thanks Sid. Thanks a lot.

    Captcha: bleac: The only safe outlook.

  2. Oh, sh*t. You could be right. But I don't believe in jinxes.

    Do I?

    Other than when the sports announcer says "he's one inning away from a perfect game," sort of thing...

    Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure I don't influence the cosmos, much less a teeny tiny corner of the blogosphere.

  3. No ..I don't see why you would believe in jinxes.

    That would be downright funny.

    Deny a superior being, with all the possibilities ..but give credence to jinx. :)

    Unless of course you worked in the ED. Everyone knows you don't ever utter the words "It's quiet." unless you want everyone boring their evil eye right through you. ;)


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