Sunday, February 7, 2010

High Tea

Those there are that argue -- even here -- that Tea Partiers are just mainstream people of wonderfulness. Not crazy. Not even. Not filled with conspiracy theories or Beckofoxian lies and paranoia. Not them.

So, you defenders of the party of bags: what say you about this? Says conference speaker Steven Millroy:

"If you ever hear the term smart growth, run away. Because the idea is they don't like us living in the suburbs. They don't like us owning land. They want us all in urban areas on mass transit. They want to take away your car. This is really happening. Global warming is the theme that runs through all of this. They say, we need to shrink our environmental footprint so the government can own everything. ... President Obama is not a U.S. socialist. He's an international socialist. He envisions one world government. That's what his whole plan is." [emphasis, with puking, mine.]
Evidence? Can anyone point to a single thing, any ioteri of facts to support the claim? This is lunatic paranoia in its most pure form. The convention, it seems, is full of it. [Both implications intended.] Fox "News" must be in a constant state of warning #3 in those ED commercials.

(Speaking of Fox "News," it's instructive to see what they edited out of the Jon Stewart/Bill O'Reilly interviews.)

This convention would be just a funny footnote, an amusing look into the wacky diversity of this nation, rightly ignored, were it not for Fox "News" and the wide reach of the RWS™. There are, after all, only 600 of them at the meeting. But listen to the "News," you'd think they were just like you and me, and that they number in the trillions. As someone else pointed out, there will be tens of thousands more people at the convention of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Which, as opposed to what you might think, isn't about bourbon drinkers. (And, but for a well-placed "National," would have a wonderful acronym.) Tens of thousands.

We've always had paranoid conspiracy theorists on the fringes; humans are nothing if not gullible sheep. It's just that they've never been given heroic status by an entire "news" organization before. What's novel is the extent to which their views have been mainlined into the national bloodstream (with reused syringes). Somehow, probably because of the scariness of the times, a group of people who have little else to say but how much they fear and hate, who are untethered to reality by even the thinnest of threads -- somehow this group has been married to and nurtured by a similarly reality-barren network and it's taken hold. It's taken hold! It's taken hold!!!

So tell me. What's the evidence, again, that President Obama favors one-world government? Or, for that matter, that he's any sort of socialist. And while you're at it, consider stepping away from this crowd and joining the ranks of those who'd like to see actual solutions to REAL problems. Serious problems. Recognize the harm such craziness does to our country, whether in convention centers or in the dankest studios of Fox "News." Then pitch in and help.


  1. Thank heavens for MSNBC archiving of the video of Obama and the Republicans, the whole thing, not just where Fox cut away.

    Obama was the grown-up in the room. They were posturing for the cameras and saying nothing, at great length, while claiming to be saying everything. He was direct and to the point and honest and the contrast was striking.

    No wonder Fox couldn't stand it.

  2. 600 seated guests for dinner, but a thousand all together and 240 press members. It's all there was room for. She pulled in a lot more at the Texas campaign. She draws the crowds and this is probably just the beginning. She's going to raise a lot of money.

    O'Reilly told people to watch it in it's entirety...the interview with Stewart.


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