Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm Ready

Some headlines today:

GOP Cool To Obama Call For Two-Party Health Care Talks

Jobs Bill Stalled in Senate

Cantor: Dems Must Embrace GOP Health Bill

Birtherism, Homophobia, Racial Paranoia At Tea Party Confab

So, yeah, I'm ready. Let's vote the f*ckers in, all of 'em. Let's give them the House, the Senate, and, as soon as possible, the White House. Give it to Sarah Palin. Let's make the sons and daughters of bitches have to take responsibility instead of just pissing in the pool. See if they can come up with ideas, find out if they can govern any better than the last time they had it all (which, as some may remember, was only a couple of years ago. Tax cuts and deregulation, I believe it was. And unpaid wars.)

Sarah wowed them when she read her own palm and came up with tax cuts. She called for spending cuts and, as usual, made no mention of where. Once again revealing her impressive knowledge of the Constitution, she's up for another preemptive invasion. She suggested, to cheers, that we need to get God calling the shots again. (Hey, I thought he was! George said God told him to invade Iraq. And, as we know, he also wiped out New Orleans and Haiti. Can't get much involveder than that. I'd say we need to tell him to sit it out for a while. But that's just me, I guess.)

There are only two problems with this plan: 1) we don't have time for the experiment before we fail irrevocably and 2) the pleasure of seeing the proof of their emptiness and hypocrisy will be like the engraving on the tombstone.


  1. My girlfriend used to joke she'd put that on her tombstone. :)

    The palm is no big deal ..the big deal ..
    nuc-u-ler ... I mean nuclear big deal ..


    CORPSEman ..I mean corpsman big deal.

    Seriously pissy and catty do people have to get??

    Everyone doing that needs to shake it off!

    Dr S ...your pointing out the palm incident surprises me because you complained about the F---ing Retard comments ..which actually worse. She wasn't denigrating anyone. Why she needed those particular notes .. I don't know ..but she does speak well and with out a teleprompter. I do not mean that to be an insult. It really isn't fair how she is put down all the time. She's a smart woman and is apparently gaining in experience.

    Would I vote for her as president? I don't know. But she's come a long way from when I heard the news stating McCain's VP pic and i said out loud "Who the H--- is Sarah Palin?" I do not say the H word least rarely ..but that was indicative of my strong concern and disappointment.

    But .. I am fascinated by her and do find her to be refreshing.

    I have no idea who would be a good republican presidential candidate at this point in time ..but I do think it will be interesting.

    I am curious DR S..why do you want to give up these seats now. Your party of choice is in power now ..and your guy won. No one knows what will happen between now and November. You know how quickly an event can turn things upside down in the political arena.

    It ain't over til it's over. :)

  2. SS: I think the palm incident, like her cheat notes during the Couric interviews, shows how inept she is. If you can't see a difference between that (what did she write, ferchrissakes?) and criticizing the use of a teleprompter, which every politician does, including her), then you've proven my point.

    You find her refreshing. Great. Her speech to the Teabags was exactly why she's so scary: you loved it. It said nothing. It had no proposals, it contained the usual divide and destroy hateful sh*t that she peddles. "we don't need some professor lecturing us from a podium," she said, lecturing from a podium.

    Refreshing? So was George Carlin. I wouldn't vote for him for president, though.

    She's quit everything that was hard. Five colleges. One governorship, one commission. If she were president, she'd be an empty vessel into which the same people would pour their poison, just like they did George.

    I won't even address the retard comment, because, you know, it was said in private. Poor Sarah, who carried her son around like a stage prop, was offended. It was said to practically no one. Yet she doesn't have the balls to call out Rush, who said it deliberately, to millions. So I won't mention it. Because it's simply idiotic. Except to the extent it shows how insincere and manipulative she is, and how easily swayed people like you are.

    Besides, it's a subtle point.

    You find her refreshing. I don't doubt it.

    That anyone finds Sarah Palin intriguing, or thinks she's presidential material or even, for that matter, intelligent, is exactly why I've given up on this country. We simply aren't deserving of democracy. It demands a higher level of intelligence and a greater degree of cooperation than most people have. It requires the hard work that Sarah Palin has run away from over and over.

    So let's just turn the foxes loose in the chicken coop and get it over with. Why put ourselves (and by that I don't include Teabaggers and those who support them) the misery of believing we can save ourselves. Make it a quicker, if not less painful, death.


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