Monday, February 1, 2010

Soft On Terror

Couple 'a points for those who have swallowed and metabolized the efflux from Fox "News":

1). In his first year on the job, President Obama seems to have taken out more high-level terrorists than Bush did in several.

2). The underpants guy? Given Miranda rights? Happened after he'd stopped talking.

3). (added 2/2): Obama's approach to prisoners at GITMO, compared to Bush's, is as adult to child. This article is revelatory, as are its links.)

I'm sure Glenn Beck will issue a correction real soon.

Because he's feyer.

Un balanced.

Update, 2/3: Guess who else was read his Miranda rights?


  1. But the President (Peace be upon Him) IS soft on terror, I mean he closed down Guantanmo...
    Oh yeah...he didn't.
    And he's gonna try KSM in Manhattan..
    Oh yeah...he's not.
    And only 11 Months till the Bush 10% Tax Bracket goes back to the 15% it was under Clinton...
    The 15% will go to 28%, and the 33% bracket I'm lucky enough to be in goes to ummm hommina hommina..
    Really, isn't 39% enough??? why do they have to take that extra 0.6%???????
    Its gonna slap even Pensioners like you...

  2. Guess I'm the only one who's gonna comment on this lame excuse for a post...
    (Seriously, do like I do on my blog, when you don't have anything to say, just do a "My Top 10 MILFs" every time
    OK, I admit, President Obama(Peace be upon Him) has "Taken Out" more Americans in his first year than Bush did in his first 2 years, thats what you meant isn't it??? Anyway, I keep track of it on my own Blog...
    I don't mind Mr. Dirty Bomber getting Mirandized, but you gotta follow it up with Water Boarding or some other maneuver to break down his shyness...If you just let em watch TV NOBODY will talk...


  3. Yes, Frank, it's come to this. You're my only follower. And I love you for it. In a manly sort of way.


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