Friday, February 26, 2010

Warning: Facts Below

Congressional Republicans, echoed on Fox "news" and by all the RWS™, claim reconciliation has never been used before on something as important as health care. Surprise. They're lying. Unless you believe they actually can't remember.

And, as long as we're talking facts, here, the clip below is worth watching. It will (or should) make you wonder why we're wasting so much time getting reform, or abiding Republican obstructionism and obfuscation. Really:


  1. Yawn.

    Let's watch some Democrats talk about how unconstitutional and appaling reconciliation is. Boy, they sure change their minds a lot.

    They're all full of it & I've given up a long time ago on expecting a politician of any party to make my life better.

    Enjoy the video.


  2. Yawn away, PT. I've NEVER said the Ds weren't hypocrites. The point is that the Rs are lying about reconciliation. And filibuster has NEVER been used to the extent that it is now, by the Rs. In fact, as I'm sure you recall, their mantra when they were in the majority, was "up or down vote, up or down vote, up or down vote....yawn..."

    Are politicians idiots? I've said so many times, without respect to party.


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