Friday, February 19, 2010


Guy hates government, is pissed at the IRS, goes on a suicide mission, killing and maiming others on the way. Not terrorism. Not in any way related to the pollution effluxing hourly from Fox "news" and other RWS™. (In fact, to the extreme right wing, he's a hero.)

Woman with a history of violence kills colleagues over being denied tenure. She's a liberal. So are the people she killed. Fox "news" blames it on liberalism. Silent, so far as I've heard, on whether it's terrorism. (Correct me if I'm wrong, because I'd assume someone there thinks it is.)

Man murders doctor who performs abortions, to save babies and send a warning to others. Not terrorism.

Doctor with mental health issues murders fellow soldiers, is a Muslim. Terrorism.

Doesn't it seem the definition is a bit loose? User dependent? Should we just say terrorism is any act of violence committed by a Muslim? Should we add, parenthetically, that violence committed by liberals is ideological and influenced by "their" media, while the same act committed by a right-winger is an individual act with no greater implications? Or might we just allow that it's whatever the namer thinks it is, depending on political agenda and point trying to be made?

Meanwhile, conservatives are getting a good laugh over the airplane incident, while signing on with, and encouraging more of the same.

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  1. Also not reported (in what little I saw): That he specifically reamed out the Bush government.


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