Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thumbs Up

This "tweet" (and, no, I'm not into twitter [although I do have an account]) may be all that needs to be said about US politics at this moment in time:

Roger Ebert twitter last week:

"Q. How come Bush got people to believe lies but Obama can't get them to believe truth?"

"A. Those are the same people."


  1. Oh you mean like the Truth when Obama (Peace be upon Him) said he'd close down Guantanamo in his first year in office??Roger Ebert is the same genius who didn't realize buttered popcorn was fattening...Thank idiots like him when you get that overpriced lame Movie Theater Popcorn popped in Vegetable Oil instead of Coconut Oil like God intended...
    And healthy popcorn didn't help, he still got cancer, just like Siskel...


  2. Short of calling you out by name, he was talking about you Drekman.

    Whatever his expertise, or lack of it, inre. popping corn; he seems to know his nuts.

    Heretofore, I was unaware of the hallucinogenic properties of coconut oil (something like bad, rage inducing acid apparently.

    Try cutting it with a little butter!


  3. Also:

    "like God intended..."

    Do you talk to him (or her) too?


  4. Congratulations, Frank. You've achieved a new low, getting satisfaction from a man getting cancer. Well done, you sorry little puke.


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