Friday, February 5, 2010

A More Perfect Union

Who will defend this guy? Richard Shelby has put a hold on all of Obama's nominations until his pork is plated. In an act akin to a two-year-old tantrumming (I declare that a word, properly spelled) in the supermarket, he's made it clear he has no regard for the people's business. In its outrageousness, it's only a more glaring example than usual of what the Congressional Republicans have all been doing for the last year: gimme what I want or you get nothing. America, go to hell.

Of course it speaks to the perversity of Senate rules, which are unlikely to get changed since both parties would like to be able to kibosh the other. (Prediction: when the Democrats are back in the minority in the Senate, they'll never be as piggish as the current crop of Republicans. They never have, for several reasons, not the least of which is that some will have a conscience.) That the rules have been abused in unheard of quantities since Obama's election goes without saying. The scorched earth tells the truth. One man: no vote. Fifty-nine percent of the votes: no legislation.

But it also makes clear, once again, in bigger font than we've seen, what the past year has been about. It's one thing, as John Boner tries to claim, to stand on principles. Yeah. Sure. They're a principled bunch, our Congresshoard. But (he says once again, sighing deeply) this is a democracy. There's another principle here, on which to put a foot, too, if ever so lightly: we need a government. No one (he repeats) has a right to expect to get his way in all things, all the time. Any of the time, for that matter. But the Republicans, those lovers of country, those believers in the Constitution, those (if briefly) "country firsters" couldn't care less. Is so far beyond appalling that there simply are no words. "Stand on principles." Translation: block the door until we get everything we want, while the people get... who cares what they get? Principled guy all right.

A strategy, it has been said, emerges: those pig-headed and unAmerican Republicans want Obama to fail, no matter the cost to the country. That much is clear. But now, it seems, they've doubled down: they're going to act so outrageously in so many ways over so many things so much of the time that there's simply no way to get noticed when complaining about it. Where do you start? It's brilliant, really. If there's one thing those guys are, it's brilliant at getting government to fail. They do it when they're in power, and they do it when they're out.

And they have the memory-bereft tea-baggers to cheer them on.


  1. Finally gotta agree with you Sid, Richard Shelby is a friggin Mongoloid Retard and the left side of his face doesn't move, like he's had a Stroke or something.
    And he didn't become a Republican till the day after the 94' elections, so he's really a Democrat at heart.
    One Question?
    Why didn't they pass the bill when they had 60 votes? Gotta strike while the Iron's hot.

    Ready for the elimination of the 10% tax bracket 328 days from now??, sure it only applies to the first $16,000 or so of taxable income for couples, about 1/2 that for singles.
    And I know going to %15 is only gonna gost an extra $800 for couples, $400 for singles. Still, you can get a pretty decent 50 inch Plasma for that much.
    And I'm sure your paying the higher rate early, OK, I know your not, don't blame you really, I only pay Uncle Sam enough to keep out of jail....


  2. I have to admit I've had a hard time reading your political posts lately, and it's entirely because I've (finally?) begun to feel as hopeless as you seem to. This sucks. It really does. And I don't know what the hell to do about it, short of moving to New Zealand, which is more and more appealing every day.

    (NB I know jack shit about New Zealand. I am just...sad. And tired. I'm only 26! and I don't know how much longer I'll have the emotional energy to care about anything in American politics at all.)

  3. Katie, I don't know what to say. You, at 26, are the only hope for us. On the other hand, it's hard to say your reaction is wrong in any way. I don't know what is the worst thing: in the long run, I'd say it's the tendency of so many people to be unwilling to think hard, and to do hard stuff. And the ease with which they are swayed by the lies of the RWS™.

    But, in terms of immediacy, it's the fact that the Rs have managed to make the Senate a place where it takes 60% to get anything done. That's a huge deal, and is as undemocratic and unconstitutional as it gets. And it's purely a product of Republican hypocrisy and self-interest above the needs of the country.

    So, yeah, it's hard to be positive. Hard to see a way out. Don't know its immigration rules, but NZ sure is a pretty place. I saw an ad for a farm for sale, with many acres and several small homes. Thought of convincing my whole extended family to join us and go...

  4. Don't let the door hit you on the way out Sid....
    And I thought y'all threatened to leave when the Republicans were in power...


  5. Not going anywhere, Frankie. As to the Rs: they've pulled off the miracle of ruining the country both when they're IN power and OUT of power. They're so good at bad governance that they can do it under all circumstances. For that, I have to admire them.


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