Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I've been watching President Obama speaking to the Democratic Senate Caucus (I missed the first part of it, however.) In answering a question, he referred to "all fifty senators." Whaddya wanna bet that'll be the takeaway to the RWS™? "Obama thinks there are only fifty senators."

[Update, 2/4: Well, so far it looks like I'm wrong. I'm big enough to admit it, small enough to say it's probably because none of the RWS™ were listening.]



  1. Oh Dr S ..THAT stuff is so STUPID from BOTH sides ..seriously!

    Like Rahm using the retarded word. I understand it's hurtful..but he did not mean to insult the developmentally disabled population. Insensitive, thoughtless but not intentional. i think pC goes to far and I happen to disagree with Sarah palin about him being fired over it. He apologized ..Enough. Move about the more important stuff ..REALLY!

    Oh and you know how the progressives treat conservatives when they too make a slip. Trent Lot? And it is a fact and we could go tit for tat ..that the liberal media gives progressives a pass so many times when they make a slip,

    And that reporting is not fair and balanced by a long shot. you see because they will regurgitate a conservatives slips on ALL THE CHANNELS and in print and then in OMIT reporting what the progressive slip was or it will be so minimal it will lose steam. Oh like Chris Matthews forgot he was black. That is so insulting and you know many, many I believe most people on both sides do not look at race with him. Yet the progressives keep regurgitating race. WHY is that? It is counter productive to healing the racial divide. I can' believe we ever wasted out time watching Matthews. SHHESH! Every nite since maybe 2000 presidential elections. I liked him and then see what he's been saying ever since this last election and even my husband goes to CNN and FOX now. I just didn't see his bias until the past election.. but am enlightened now. But that black comment insulting ..and that just solidifies racism in the minds of people who experience it .."see ..they do think that way." I believe it is the progressives that keep racism alive and well. Not everyone of course ... but the ones that continually spout this stuff.

    And what do you think would happen if (pick your front runner republican oh heck any republican would do) if they said what Harry Reed said in his book?

    Remember ..bias goes both ways.

    Oh and don't forget ..Obama also said a wrong number of states ..57 or something. DO WHAT? The guy is probably tired. He's intelligent. I don't appreciate those stupid jabs and people see through that and I think they make themselves look moronic ..(both sides) when they focus on that silly stuff.

  2. Wow. Didn't take you long to pick up the "retarded" scream. Funny, huh? Guess you missed the part about Sarah referring to her own kid in the same terms. Really, SS, you're like a sponge for that stuff. How is it important?

    Trent Lott? You wanna compare his comment to Reid's?

    "The liberal media gives progressives a pass..." I've an idea: how about just hooking up some sort of feed from the RWS™ so their talking points just come right here without you having to take the time to type?

    Chris Matthews. Same thing. He's been rebuked from all sides, if you were paying attention. And exaggerated. And yeah, tea partiers don't see race. Except for one of their leaders with his mis-spelled "Niggar" sign. Gimme a break. You're like a parrot.

    Your point about the 57 state thing? In the context of this post? Res ipsa loquitur.

    You're a piece of work, I gotta say. I give you credit for hanging on no matter what. Like Boehner said: his job is to oppose. And he'll do it any way he can.

  3. Dr S - Did you NOT see that I *defended Rahm Emanuel*??

    Did you not see That I said I *disagreed with Sarah* on his firing for that reason???

    If that got past you and you went right into accusation of me being a FOX ..then your bias is overpowering the facts.

    And did you NOT see that I *defended Obama regarding the states* and called people out on both sides that do that kind of thing and called it silly??

    And seriously anything Levi Johnston says is to be believed??

    sadly at this point in his life ..he's been pretty trashy and ignorant of the fact that he is being used by the biased media.

    But Dr S ..if you need to believe your "reliable" source about something Levi said ..I understand.

    That woman loves her child so much and NO loving mother would do that. And she made a loving decision to keep him and she is a role model for that.

    You are giving me a news resource like you did when you mentioned she didn't know some country ..I am sorry I do not recall..but it was played all over the liberal news and then it came out that a supposedly credible tv reporter's source and all the stations, but fox pounced on it ..including SNL (which I love -political skits)was from one of the crazy basement bloggers who admitted to making it up.

    Honestly ..and I sincerely mean this respectfully ..I am surprised that you consider Levi a credible source or the "reliable" source so reliable.

    Btw did you catch Jon Stewart on O'reilly tonight? Great interview - gave Jon lot's of time to make points. Turns out Jon is in the 49% of the population that believes FOX is the most credible news source ..although he said like the thinnest boy in a fat boy's camp. LOL! He did talk about O'reilly being one of the fairest. Not saying he agrees ..but I have to say ..i am astounded when I see how fairly he reports. he was defending the president last night.

    Your generalizing about this station doesn't hold that much weight anymore. I think you'd be better to acknowledge there are truths spoken and then things you disagree with ..but to just hold FOX up as a total propaganda machine is not accurate. I'm just saying.

    Either you are in total denial if you do watch it ...or you don't watch it and are holding on to your bias without checking the facts ..neither of which gives credibility to your opinion regarding FOX.

    Dr s - I feel you are so ready to pounce on me and brand me what you need me to be that you don't see when I am agreeing with you.Please go back and read what I said if you don't believe this either.

  4. "Trent Lott? You wanna compare his comment to Reid's? "

    I believe Trent did not mean it as approving the KKK. No one in their right mind would mean that. I have seen dems come out and say what a good man he is. he was wishing an old guy a happy Birthday.

    Again..what I said earlier ..everyone makes mistakes, pc foes too far..we are all human.. but when you accuse people of racism ..that is egregious and an awful label to put on another person.

    It has been my observation that it is the liberals that keep playing the race card and it is very upsetting and should not be. I am so glad that many in the black population are coming out against it now ..of course when they do ..they are sometimes referred to as uncle Tom's and not by conservatives.

    I know Matthew's got called out on out from both sides ..but if a republican did it ..we'd still be hearing it... ad nauseam ..on all the other channels.

    It is nice to know Matthews has caught up with the rest of us and just saw him as president... and not his color.

    Dr S - I like Obama as a person. Just haven't been happy with his 1st year. but then are disappointed too.

    Jon Stewart made an intersting point on O'reilly and that is Obama came in and leveled the playing field between the house, congress and the senate and he thinks then there is too much opinion and too much room and he should've come in authoritatively and said this is the way it don't agree get in line. (my interpretation) Part 2 tomorrow night.

    You mentioned the Bush MDCR drug plan and I wasn't paying attention then and so admittedly I don't know what that is about.

    But..if it was a bad thing ..I still say ..this is now 2010..a new administration and the wrongs of a previous administration do nOT justify the poor decisions of the current one.

    Just like my sons weren't allowed to compare themselves and their behavior to their friends bad behavior. Sorry guys ..YOU still have to do the right thing.

    aww the verification word is "bless". Sweet. :)

  5. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  6. Listening to Joe and Mila (sp?) now.

    Some guy on the left (was saying how moderate O'reilly is and good guy and more and more people are tuning in. he said SeaN is a real nice guy, but he disagrees with him 99% of the time.

    That is something I have noticed on that channel. *most* of the time ..regardless of party affiliation ..they are friends but vehemently disagree with the politics. My d-i-l (Extreme far left view) used to knock O'reilly but she didn't watch ..then she saw some things he was saying last summer and now she doesn't knock him. Now Beck ..that's another story. LOL! This guy who was just talking with Joe ..also said that Bush shokced everything he wanted down the dems throats (he didn't get the mdcr stock option)and that Obama needs to start doing things for his party.

    I just wish to God ..they would all stop worrying about their party and work together, brainstorm ..focus on getting the best ideas out there, trashing the inane and all disregard lobbyists. What would happen if both sides did that? Actually worked together?

    Your welcome. :)

  7. It's "you're," but I appreciate it.

  8. Thank you Dr S - I know my typos are atrocious sometimes..especially when typing in the dark..although bright and sunny now. :)

    I was wondering earlier ..if you are enjoying your magnificent view and property more now that you've retired?

    You sure do live in a little bit of heaven on earth with your location. :)

    And I've been wondering how you are ..since retiring (forget the politics), overall. And again ..I miss your surgical posts. I'm sure you still have many more insights and experiences to share ..but I know have to feel it with writing. You are missed over there.

  9. PS: I don't disagree that Bill O'Reilly may be the most reasonable person on Fox "News" other than Greta. As Jon S said, that's like saying he's the thinnest guy in fat camp (as opposed to your interpretation that he said it about Fox "News" itself.)

    The point, however, is that O'Reilly is a bully and an egotist and a hypocrite. That he sometimes says something reasonable doesn't change that. If he did his shtick without the ravings, the cutting off of people's mikes, the stalker journalism, and the dishonesty, I'd go so far as to like him. I appreciate that he, alone among the screamers there, is sometimes able to see both sides. In that, he does stand out among Glenn and Sean.

    But he's still not skinny.

  10. LOL! :)

    I've told you that he grates against me for the reasons you state. his way puts me off and sometimes I can see it in his guests eyes. I don't always agree with him either ..but usually then I am being more conservative then him.

    I'm only saying these things because so often in my personal life ..mostly the college students/young adults If I mention FOX about something ..I get the immediate "Fox propaganda can't believe them blah" But they have nothing to point to specifically and is apparent they are parroting the regurgitated ant-FOX propaganda. Since I started watching them ..which was around the election..I have seen time and again proof that they show the whole clip ..present all the facts and let the viewer decide.

    For example ..I did see it for myself ..but O'reilly mentioned last night ..that Fox showed the entire Coakly (sp?)speech and then the entire Brown speech. Neither msnbc, nor cnn showed Brown's acceptance speech in entirety and I don't know if they did at all. It was a good one except for that weird, goofy father stuff about his daughters being available.

    If there is a controversial news clip out there.. you know ..where you wonder if it's actually unfair because they omitted something for their gain? Greta is the show to watch if you have doubts. She ALWAYS airs from soup to nuts clips on controversial media stories. And she tells the people "You decide" THAT is what news should be.."Just the facts Mam"... and not all the spin.

    I didn't know O'reilly stalks.

    I think the ratings are going through the roof at FOX because like me ..they began to see the disparity in how the news was being reported.

  11. Actually, as I've written, I think Fox "News" rating are high because people who are angry and right-wing need constant and uncritical validation of their views. Liberals don't, which is why Air America failed, and why MSNBC's ratings are lower than Fox "News."

    And, as I'm sure you've read, polls show Fox "News" viewers significantly less well informed on a whole host of issues. They don't go there for news. They go there for "news."

  12. "tea partiers don't see race. Except for one of their leaders with his mis-spelled "Niggar" sign."

    Can't argue with you here--one guy wondering unbidden into a group of a million with his sign clearly shows the whole group as racists.

    And one socialist wondering wait! make that hired!...into the Obama administration obviously shows the whole bunch to be socialists.

    A tea party "leader"! Hah--that guy was sent away as soon as he was spotted. He tried coming back with a "light-skinned Negro" sign, but Harry Reid needed to use it, so he was out of luck.


  13. Actually, he WAS a leader. But I'm getting tired of tit for tat, aren't you? I understand that you of the tea bags have nothing to say but what you hate; still this is a place where actual ideas would be welcomed.

  14. Here's what I hate: too much government spending, running out of control, burdening my kids, grandkids, and beyond. Maybe you like to have the money to spend now and don't care about the next generations who have to pay it off. Maybe you have no kids and figure, "screw the other people's kids, I want to spend now."

    I thought Bush spent too much. But Obama has way, way, way outspent him. Just because they say it on Fox doesn't make it untrue. Yu need a better argument than that.


  15. jd, the question, at least in part, is why the deficit spending now, vs then. The argument, of course, is that since there's no other source of cash to pull us out, the government needs to do it. I'll grant it doesn't seem to have worked, yet anyway, as much as I'd have hoped. Maybe because, in deference to Rs, too much went to tax cuts, and not enough to direct spending. Bush's tax cuts and unpaid spending ran up deficits for no good reason and with tragic results.

    I don't like taxes either, and I don't like deficits of this size. On the other hand, I've heard no suggestions from Rs or tea baggers other than cutting taxes, which, alone, will increase deficits. When asked where they'd cut spending, no one has any response, except Rep Ryan who, once again, wants to privatize social security and drastically cut medicare.

    The first would have been a debacle now, had Bush gotten it through. The second, to the extent Obama actually proposed smart cuts, has been demagogued by Rs as if it were the end of the world.

    And Rs in Congress are already distancing themselves from Ryan, who at least made an attempt to match spending cuts with tax cuts; something of which no one else on that side seems to want any part.

    And, for us, that was a nice conversation. Thanks.

  16. PS: jd, here's a point of view vis a vis the tax cuts, deficits, etc. A liberal source? I guess. Factual? Seems to be.


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