Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Face Of Evil

That's Van Jones, the man Glenn Beck smeared unendingly. That's the man for whose destruction at least one commenter on this blog has expressed her gratitude to Glenn Beck, despite his clear qualifications for the job to which he was appointed. That's the man whose entire career turned on the overwrought rantings of a dishonest and venal, stupid and paranoid egotist.

Ever hear a man spout such left-wing radicalism? Ever see so much hate returned to a hater? It seems he's almost, I don't know, what, Christian?

Ever wonder why a clown with a chalkboard and no actual knowledge is given a platform from which to destroy our country?


  1. "Ever wonder why a clown with a chalkboard and no actual knowledge is given a platform from which to destroy our country?"

    I'd always assumed it was because Rupert Murdoch's wife is a spy from the PRC and is implementing a PRC-run mind control operation; Murdoch and by extension Fox and Sky News are at this point simply vehicles for Chinese propaganda.

    You don't seriously think there's a more reasonable hypothesis, do you?

  2. Jones' "qualifications":

    Jones had signed a 2004 petition supporting the so-called "9/11 Truther" movement; that he was a self-professed communist during much of the 1990s; that he supported the cop-killer Mumia abu-Jamal; that in 2008 he accused "white polluters" of "steering poison into the people of color communities"; that he was affiliated with an anti-American publication called "War Times" from 2002 to 2004; that in 2005 he said, "You've never seen a Columbine done by a black child"; and that earlier this year he called Republicans "a--holes."

    Yeah, I guess those are qualifications...if you work for a socialist president who hates white people.

  3. Sid you had me at "Hello"....
    I mean until the photo..
    I don't know, something about the Lewis Farrakahn Bowtie...that whole "you only get 1 chance to make a first impression" thing..
    So decided to check out his background..hmm STORM?? S-tanding T-ogether to O-rganize a R-evolutionary M-ovement. And I won't even mention how it oughta be "STTOARM" but thats unpronouncable.

    "A group explicitly commited to Revolutionary Marxist politics supporting revolutionary democracy, feminism, internationalism, the central role of the Working Class, Urban Marxism, and 3rd World Communism"

    OK, its not quite as bad as Senator Robert Byrd(D) West Virginia's Klan Membership, but still....


  4. Anonymous: thank you for making clear what I've been saying for a couple of years here, and for showing why, because of people like you, we are beyond saving ourselves.

  5. Frank, aren't you glad we're not all judged by what we did in the past? Hell, when I was in college I signed a letter to LBJ saying that if he thinks we need to be in Vietnam, I believe him.


    It's how I feel, but Frank annoys me. Like I say, I'm a brat. Why do you, Frank, always have to say "peace be upon him?" The man is not Muslim. His background is no longer questioned. Stop it, it's annoying.

    Can't keep up with all at times, but I recognize thoughts, and intelligence. I listen to NPR and watch PBS. I lean as far left as it goes, I guess.

    Be good to each other, and remember respect. Your parents taught that, I hope.

  7. Barb;

    Ever heard of the "Big Lie?" Just keep repeating the lie and soon people will begin you believe you.

    Adolph had great success with the technique, and people like Drekman are make a career of it.


  8. "I recognize thoughts, and intelligence. I listen to NPR and watch PBS"

    Seems like a contradiction to me.

    "I lean as far left as it goes"

    Ah--now I understand. You're way too far gone to get the irony.


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