Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I's On The Prize

I'm waiting for a certain commenter to get around to complaining about the number of times President Obama uses the word "I" in his speeches. To save a little time, I'd like that commenter to read this before doing so. And then, once again, to defend Fox "News."


  1. I remember well when Bob Dole was running for president in '96. He kept using the third person - irrelevant - when referring to himself.

    I remember posting thus: "Who is Bob Dull, and why does that old guy on TV keep talking about him"?

    Yes he was wounded in combat, and I respect and thank him for that, but that he was brave, doesn't mean he would have made a good president. Do not ask me to trust you because you were brave.

    I only respect people who are honest enough to take personal responsibility by saying: "This is what I think" and "This is what I say" and This is what I will do, instead of taking refuge in republican evasionspeak of "SomeSay" or "SomeThink or(Some-Evasive Fecal Reference beginning with "S"."

    The Limbaughtenized (DrekMan,SS, et el) are Pavlovianly conditioned to salivate on cue to subliminal command cues of Murdoch Faux News (His smile is their laughter, his frown is their anger)!

    So if Beck ,channeling Murdoch, has a problem with President Obama's taking personal responsibility for himself and his deeds, just remember his surrogates can only drool as per their conditioning.

    Pity them, but beware of them - for they willingly repeat the half truths (But complete lies)of the "One who denies"- Satan as it were!

    And, be glad that they post here - it allows those, with even a modicum of sanity, to see where satanic falsehood would lead them.

    EugeneInSan Diego

  2. Limbaughtenized. I like it.

    How about this: Limbaughtomized.

  3. Better, that's what I had in mind!

  4. I think we have to give Obama a break here. Of course he talks about himself--he's the One we've been waiting for. He's stopped the oceans from rising and allowed the earth to heal. He's restored America's standing in the world. Even France thinks highly of us now. And he's kept terrorism from our shores.

    Of course, as an intellectual liberal, you understand that the pronoun count is a synecdoche for BO's rather odd penchant for inserting his personal life story into every speech, however inappropriate it may be. Weird, though, how the most significant parts of his story are left out--that he is the first socialist president, elected on the thinnest of resumes (his utter lack of managerial experience showing in his inability to pass much of what he said was important), his campaign on the obviously false promise not to raise taxes (any surprise on how suddenly he became "agnostic" to that idea?), etc.

    I would like to see him give a speech using "I" in this way:

    I come to you to explain how I have stolen trillions from your children and completely wasted it by giving it to people I wanted to reward--the unions, especially. I never really thought it would do much for the country, and now I know it. I am responsible--not the guy I always blame.

    Now...how long before we see Sid's only real response--"Gee, jd, you sound just like Fox News"?


  5. Gee, jd, you sound just like Fox "news."

    Really, though, you leave me no choice: it's EXACTLY like Fox "news:" repeating falsehoods, ignoring facts, implying liberals are to blame for all the current problems, focusing on the unimportant.

    The farce is strong with this one.

    You have learned well. Now go forth and subtract.

  6. SeaSpray,

    He told us that we are not polluted by what we take into our mouths, but by what comes out of them.

    Do you think it is Jesus that puts those lies in your mouth?


  7. Ouch! I've been skewered by your logic! Actually, I don't watch Fox, or any news on TV. Are you telling me he didn't claim to heal the earth? Lower the oceans? That he doesn't inject his story into his speeches? that he's not about to raise all taxes, despite his repeated promise in the campaign? Maybe Rachel Maddow didn't mention it, so you missed it? You're accusing me of lying, so which are the lies?


  8. 1) "inserting his personal life story into every speech"

    2) claimed "He's stopped the oceans from rising and allowed the earth to heal." You can read what he actually said, and, like people without the agenda of destruction, not only see the words he DID use, but also understand the context, and the point he was making (there were, after all, certain conditions, which the Rs have done everything they can to be sure are not met). But then, that would take an effort of which you seem to be incapable. Or, you could listen to it yourself. Either way, it won't get through; of that, I'm certain.

    3) about to raise "all taxes."

    4) "he's the first socialist president."

    5) the entire paragraph: "I have stolen trillions from your children and completely wasted it by giving it to people I wanted to reward--the unions, especially. I never really thought it would do much for the country, and now I know it."

    Also, I mentioned "ignoring facts," such as who added the most "trillions" to the deficits, and, really, pretty much everything that happened in the previous 8 years and the bases for the actions taken since.

    Y'know. Reality. That thing.

    And, of course, the point of the post was a specific and particular bit of idiocy at Fox "news." I guess you could have just said you don't watch and left it at that. Instead, you actually implied there was something important about their point, and then took off into outer space from there.

    Whereas it's typical of your brand of commenting (and, I must admit, it usually gets me to waste my time responding) it really added nothing useful. As usual. Unless it's a lot better than the previous one, your response won't see the light of day.

  9. Awww, don't get all wee-weed up. Here's the quote:

    The journey will be difficult. The road will be long. I face this challenge with profound humility, and knowledge of my own limitations. But I also face it with limitless faith in the capacity of the American people. Because if we are willing to work for it, and fight for it, and believe in it, then I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth. This was the moment - this was the time - when we came together to remake this great nation so that it may always reflect our very best selves, and our highest ideals. Thank you, God Bless you, and may God Bless the United States of America.

    True messianic language. It's all about him.

    Socialist? An eye-witness account:


    "Wealthy gay couple" is my favorite part.

    Raise taxes? Just watch.

    Who raised the debt more? Figures don't lie. But MSNBC does. Obama has already indebted us far more then W.

    but then, you can read the graphs, too. You already knew that.


  10. Wow, that "eye-witness account" is devastating stuff, all right. Comprehensive. Deeply relevant. And, most importantly, very current.

    I published it so other readers could look on in amazement. Keep it coming.

  11. Eugene- "Pity them, but beware of them - for they willingly repeat the half truths (But complete lies)of the "One who denies"- Satan as it were!"

    Where is that as a scripture?
    You are insinuating ..that conservatives are satanic because we have a different point of view?

    And you all repeatedly bash us as being stupid and as JD said trump out FOX for your proof as if we can't think for our selves. I vacillate between being insulted to greatly amused when I read some of these comments... because they are predictable. The FOX one is overused though. It would seem a majority of the country is going to them for their main news source now too. Why is that?I would say because people are NOT stupid and they can see the difference for themselves how the news is presented.

    Do I agree with everything? NO!

    CNN and we watch news out of NYC..local news stations too and C-SPAN. MSNBC - HUGE JOKE! talk about propaganda. And we were die hard msnbc watchers. Chris Matthews on every night in our house... for years. Loved listening to him during Reagan's funeral and Bush's inauguration, etc. Then during the 2008 elections, when it was apparent they weren't reporting all the news, Obama wasn't vetted properly (No one asked him hard questions - talk about drinking the Kool-aid)and how mean they were with Sarah Palin... it was unbelievable and so we went over to FOX and CNN and tried Chris a few more times and that was it. DONE. MSNBC lost all credibility with us and I suspect a lot of other viewers. So ..are the masses of people in exodus just plain stupid and unenlightened ..or is there possibly a valid reason for the mass exodus?Anyone can point fingers and name call ..usually a last resort when they don't have substance to back up the facts. * Both sides do that! I just think it is wrong, ridiculous and amusing the way progressives have tried to malign tea party people ..every day people from all ages and walks of life who are speaking up and ..refreshingly ..had their voices heard. And they didn't break windows or attack anyone. No one had to use tear gas on them.

    That health care bill would've been a disaster and if it weren't for the tea party people ..it would've been shoved down our throats.

    And *both* parties better be paying attention (I think they are), because people have woken up and do not want the same old governmental, lobbyist influences and want the politicians to work for the good of the country and the people and not be self serving and bought off.

    If it were not for FOX ..we would not have so much information that we should have and THAT is what viewers are realizing. Thank God for satellite and instant news and that anyone can then go on the internet and research other sources to confirm or deny any information spewed off of any channel.

    Eugene .. that satan thing you speak of .. using your logic ..I could easily turn that around and say that about progressives.

    Jesus does not put any evil into anyone. He came and surrendered his life to set people free from sin and so much more and point the way to eternal life after we die. He is no respecter of persons, i.e., political persuasions,socio economic position,sinner, saint ..he loves us all ..every single one of us. Jesus is the antitheses of evil and would never cause a person to sin in anyway. Instead ..he asks us to look to him so that he can deliver us from those things. He asked us to love one another as we would ourselves.

    I don't believe people with differing political opinions are satanic.

    Also ..Eugene ..I did not look up the Bush/God reference. If you want to provide me with video in which he stated that (in full context), I will be glad to watch and come back and comment.

    Thank you. :)

  12. But, but, but.... He DIDN'T surrender his life, right? He rose. And, since he's actually God, he must have known that, right? So, really, isn't this freeing you from sin thing just a huge guilt trip? Might it not have been the way for the church to get people to give it money in the Middle Ages? Because when you think about it, it simply makes no sense. He died for your sins? Because some girl ate an apple? Or because you are such a horrible person that you need people to die for you? It's a pretty bizarre way to live, feeling that guilty and indebted to someone who died but didn't die, who suffered, but didn't. IMHO. I mean, it's the way he made you, right? He made you a sinner and now makes you feel guilty? What a guy!

    It's almost as bizarre as thinking (well, not thinking so much as ingesting the claims of Fox "news" and its teabag wing) that a bill that took over a year, that included months of negotiations with the "gang of six", that still doesn't actually exist in final form, was "shoved down your throat." Not to mention being horrified, evidently, by the idea of regulating insurance companies (who had huge profits as the economy sinks and who are raising rates enormously, again), by the idea of preventing people from being denied care for preexisting conditions, for losing insurance when they lose a job and never being able to get it again if they'd ever been sick, from using up benefits if they get really sick. Pretty horrible stuff, right?

    Or are you saying, like every Congressional R and all of the RWS™ that any bill which is not EXACTLY what you want, containing NO compromises, NOTHING with which you disagree, is unacceptable? My way or highway, right, Seaspray? Ds gave up a lot to get it done. So must Rs. It's called democracy.

    That thing the tea partiers love so much.

  13. PS: how do you do avoid "cramming" a bill "down throats" when this is the R idea of bipartisanship? Who's doing the reaching out? Who's not taking the hand?

  14. SeaSpray
    You said:
    You are insinuating ..that conservatives are satanic…

    I say:
    I say nothing of the sort …about Conservatives. I am talking about subversive radicals – like you. By the way, didn’t you call yourselves “Teabaggers”?

    Who in the hell says that you are a conservative? What is conservative about supporting the people who lied us into war, who plundered the country with outright theft and ran the economy into ruin.

    Are bonus-bloated executives – who could not even make a profit, in an unregulated economy, where the foxes ran the chicken coops – to be considered “Conservatives?”

    What is conservative about looking the other way as those same individuals are to receive $20,000,000,000 in bonuses –in just this year, after a financial disaster? How does that work for your throat?

    You mentioned Christian Love?

    I say:
    Right, so all of you Antichrist Christians love gays and lesbians, as much as you love yourselves, you love black people Buddhists and Muslims – you hate war, but you believe in carrying a big stick.

    Did you watch CPAC where they greeted the little dirtbag that tried to sabotage the phone system of a federal building – like a hero? They invited the John Birch Society this year- the first time since Bill Buckley pushed them out as “Extremist.”

    Have you heard the “Conservative” jokes about the nutcase that flew his plane into a building?

    Do you know that faux conservatives are panicked because a major insurer chose this time to raise rates 39%? They are afraid that even people like you will see the game and call BS?

    You don’t want health care forced down your throats, but you Teabaggers willingly swallow corporate propaganda with gusto!

    Try the Cool Aide too.

    You said:
    It would seem a majority of the country is going to …Fox

    I say:
    It would seem that way only to one with eyes wide shut; and that would be the majority of the Idiocracy: If you go to Fox for opinion you are certainly getting it; but “Fox News” is not news, it is just carefully crafted propaganda.

    Here is an excellent example of what you call Fox ‘news’: Jon Stewart said this to O’ Reilly, on Bill’s show “On the Fox morning happy talk shows, someone will say ‘Obama has so many Czars; I looked that up, a Czar is some kind of a king and I think that is wrong.’

    “Then later, on the ‘news’ shows they will say ‘Many people are complaining about the number of Czars Obama is appointing.”

    You could hear Bill O's crew laughing in the background.

    That’s Fox News, and you faux conservative, Teabaggers swallow that with ease; why, God only knows.

    But I suppose I should not attribute to malice, that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

    Have another sip.

    You said:
    Also ..Eugene ..I did not look up the Bush/God reference…

    Your request is a fine example of a basic move in the republican Christofascist denial game.

    I provided many links, which you ignored; (“I did not look up”) and now, having refused to look at any of them, you now blandly ask me to provide more – also for you to ignore.

    One might think that a person really wanting evidence might be willing to search out truth on his or her own; but you just offer an opportunity for me to spoon feed you like a child in a highchair.

    You pretend you want to be fed, but you push the spoon away.

    'Thanks, but no thanks', do your own research :)



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