Monday, November 1, 2010

Simply Amazing


This is absolutely typical of the Rs running for election or, in the case of diaper-boy, reëlection. And they're gonna win! How many idiocies or falsehoods can you count in that brief exchange? And he's far from alone in his view that we needn't pay for tax cuts. Nor does the fact that Rs never have done so seem to bother those ready to vote for them on grounds of some imaginary "fiscal responsibility." That's like voting for the North Side gang because you believe in gun control.

And even if it were true that the stimulus failed, when virtually all economists, the CBO, and the two-faced Republicans who've asked for stimulus money for their constituencies, have said otherwise, the guy listed nothing but one-offs, adding up to a piddly fraction of the deficit for a single-year.

Well, tomorrow we'll find out how gullible the American voter has become, and, shortly thereafter (because we already know the answer to that one) we'll be able to see what happens when proven-to-be-unworkable solutions are once again, in some sort of childlike desire (for, after all, who is it that likes to have tea parties?) for magically easy answers, are applied to our economy.

Summers, in college, I worked on a construction crew. One job was bucking up and limbing down Doug Firs pushed over like teabaggers by a D-9. Waiting between falls, I'd sharpen my double-bladed axe to razortude; once, bored, I used that axe to try to whittle wood. Big axe, sharp, unwieldy. Small wood, dull mind, unthinking. Holding the wood in my left hand, the axe in my right, I tried a whit, slipped the axe off the wood and zoomed it by my left thumb. Wow, I thought. That was really stupid. Could have cut myself, bad.

At which point I resumed whittling, zoomed my thumb, and cut it, bad.

How did I ever become a Democrat?


Timmyson said...

But he did have some ideas. Let's not quash the first glimmerings of actual constructive thought here. Every calligrapher was once scrawling crayon on the walls, before they refined their skills and made works of art. And his ideas, flawed though they are, are more advanced than many we've been seeing.

dodge said...

Sid, using a small knife to whittle a big piece of wood would have been Communism.

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