Thursday, November 18, 2010

Obstructionism Gone Wild

To say John Kyl is not a very smart guy and one whose priorities have nothing to do with protecting our country or moving it forward is to say there are Republicans in the Senate. So, no, it's not surprising that the guy, for no reason I can think of, has decided personally to kibosh the nuclear treaty with Russia (with the blessing of the rest of his asinine abettors.)

Republicans had made Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) their point man on the issue -- it's not clear why, since Kyl has no background or working knowledge of the issue -- and he made specific objections to the Obama administration clear. Officials, in response, gave Kyl what he asked for. The deal, they thought, was done.

Over many months of negotiations, the administration committed to spending $80 billion to do that over the next 10 years, and on Friday offered to chip in $4.1 billion more over the next five years. As a gesture of commitment, the White House had made sure extra money for modernization was included in the stopgap spending resolution now keeping the government operating, even though almost no other program received an increase in money.

All told, White House officials counted 29 meetings, phone calls, briefings or letters involving Mr. Kyl or his staff. They said they thought they had given him everything he wanted, and were optimistic about completing a deal this week, only to learn about his decision on Tuesday from reporters.

Kyl wouldn't even give the White House the courtesy of a phone call to let them know he was betraying them and the nation's national security needs. Worse, the dimwitted Kyl, with the future of American foreign policy in his hands, couldn't even give a coherent rationale for why he'd made the decision -- his office would only say "there doesn't appear to be enough time" in the lame-duck session.

This is what happens when serious officials try to negotiate in good faith with Republicans -- they refuse to take "yes" for an answer, they don't have intellectual capacity to explain why, and the entire country has to suffer the consequences.

[Emphasis by your blogger. Because there's never been a truer statement, any time, anywhere.]

I take it back. I can think of a reason, and it would seem to be the only one: Kyl's prime motivation is to make President Obama look bad, no matter the impact it has on our country. Loose nukes? Who gives a sh*t, right? Another arms race? F*ck, yeah! Help from Russia on the Iran problems? Who needs it? (How's that balance-y America-y thing workin' out for ya'?)

Awful doesn't describe these guys. What words do? Can anyone make a reasonable (i.e., not Frankonian, not Foxobeckian) argument for Kyl's action? After they gave him what he said he wanted? I'd love to hear it.

[Well, here's another view, suggesting Kyl's naked dishonesty may have lit a fire under the generally non-flammable Harry Reid. One can hope. And here's an answer to my question from one of the rare R Senators who occasionally makes sense. Not that it puts them in any sort of good light. Quite completely the opposite, in fact. Nor does it offer hope for ratification, now or ever.]


  1. Wow, way to be topical Sid, whats next, a hard hitting piece on the Insanity of putting Pershing 2 Missiles in West Germany???
    and I've heard thats a classic symptom of Alzheimers, disorientation to time, and hey, wasn't that Mets/RedSox World Series the best ever???
    OK, so let me see, 80 Billion to get the Russians to give up there Nukes??? Sounds like a bargain, maybe they'll even throw in a set of Balls for the President(Peace be upon Him) he'll need em for jos trip to the Haj...

    Frank "You can fondle my Junk anytime" Drackman

  2. See, Frank, Kyl's move was just two days ago. In my world, that's fairly current. Hose leaking again?

  3. "OK, so let me see, 80 Billion to get the Russians to give up there Nukes??? Sounds like a bargain..."

    For $267 apiece? Why not exactly?

    "... maybe they'll even throw in a set of Balls for the President."

    Okay, that makes me wince a little. Maybe I should have voted for Hillary. She's got some stones and would have fought you guys instead of making nice. Truth be told, the main reason I didn't vote for her was that I couldn't stomach her slavering ambition.

    Your thing Frank is that you won't answer a question. Instead you launch into Frankspeak. Dollars to donuts says that Frau Drackman would have plenty to say on this topic, and it would begin with "That mother..."

  4. Maybe its the second hand desflurane, but I could have sworn the RUSSSIAN Congress already voted the treaty down a few weeks back, those Damn Russkie Teabaggers...
    And have you actually READ the treaty?? Of course not, cause its a grueling 17 pages that you can read yourself at
    and I don't blame the Commies, cause there's all sorts of loopholes and exceptions, i.e, a B-2 Bomber only counts as "One" delivery system when it can carry 10-20 Nukes depending on yield, and it doesn't make a distinction between Tactical Nukes and Strategic Nukes, and it doesnt allow either side to field a defensive system bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
    and its only about 3,000 pages shorter than the Healthcare Abortion which you didn't read either, cause your life expectency is even shorter than the Presidents(Peace be upon Him)Foreign Policy Credentials...
    and I'm pretty sure this is the first time since FDR when the Russian Leader could beat up the American President...


  5. Wow, Frank. That was actually an intelligible (mostly) response. Impressive. Seriously.

  6. Guess again, Frank.

    And, ironically, you've proven me wrong on the answering questions thing.

  7. Gee thanks Sid (I think) and I'm sorry for joking about your Alzheimers...
    and Have you SEEN Putin???
    He'd MURDER Obama...
    and by "Murder" I mean "Beat him up really bad" and to be honest, I'm not certain "W" would do much better.
    But seriously, how can a treaty thats only 17 pages (with large print to boot) cover a topic as complicated as Nuke-ular Weapons?

    Heck, the contract I signed at the Tanning Salon is longer than that...



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