Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here They Come

Flush with their victories (and, of course, blissfully uncaring about how they also blew it for their side), armed with certainty that god and history are on their side, proudly ignorant, teabaggers are on a roll. Give us garbage, or give us death. (Or, maybe, "we'll give you death.") The city wants to go to a single trash hauler (and, worst of all, to begin recycling!) and the teabaggers see... socialism. Of course. Never mind the cost savings to government, the peace and quiet in the neighborhoods: we're talking principle here. The principle that, as of now, it's our way or the (trash-hauler clogged) highway.
...Fountain Hills Town Manager Rick Davis... said the effort against the trash collection change appeared to be very "organized" and "orchestrated." He said that although there were some loud voices speaking out, he received a considerable amount of backing for the proposal -- including from people who were self-proclaimed Tea Party supporters.

"What Tea Party people believe in is lower cost for municipal services, governmental services, and this certainly fit the bill," he noted.

... Davis also ... [said]... that all companies -- including local ones -- were allowed to bid to be the single hauler. The company that received the contract, Allied Waste, submitted a bid that was significantly lower than the others. Schlum said that the process to change the trash collection issue began in 2005 and involved significant public input.

"The main issue -- we have five haulers on our street, so if you're on a residential street, there's a good chance you're going to have five different trash companies, five different trash bins on your street throughout the week, with pick-ups two-three times per week by each individual hauler," said Schlum, adding that the town was looking for a way to ensure that trash collection was less noisy and resulted in less wear and tear on the streets (which costs taxpayers more money to repair).

Overplay your hand, much? Feeling a rush from pushing people around? Losing your final and already tenuous grip on reality?

I can't wait to see the excesses of Congressional teabaggers and those afraid to point out their idiocy. Because there are problems way bigger than community trash-hauling waiting to be teabagged. The main problem is that by the time the fantasy-prone who elected them come to their senses, it'll be too late. Once the house falls over the cliff, those who gave it the final push -- even with the brainwashed-best of intentions -- can't wish it back up. Like the theory of evolution, there's also the theory of gravity.

I'll bet these people got picked on a lot in school.

[Update, 11/11: but wait, there's more.]

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