Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is There Nothing...

Is there nothing Obama-haters won't believe? I mean, really, this latest thing is so ridiculous, on its face, that you'd think they'd laugh it off the stage.

Obama's trip to India will cost two hundred million bucks a day. He's taking three thousand people with him. Hundreds of luxury hotels. Believe it or not, that's what's making the right wing rounds: emails are flying, people are outraged, Fox "news" pumps it, the RWS™ yell it from their trees. The black guy is getting all uppity again.

Really? People actually believe that? Elected people? Stuff that after a moment's reflection by a mind with more than five synapses would be rejected out of hand? How can it be?

The war in Afghanistan costs a hundred ninety million bucks a day. What, a hundred fifty thousand soldiers, tanks, ammo, bases all over the place. Choppers, supplies, medics. A hundred ninety million. And people actually believe the president will spend two hundred million a day on a trip to India?

We are a nation of f*cking idiots, and it's only getting worse.

Or, to put it more realistically, the f*cking idiots have taken over, and the rest of us may as well get used to it. What else is there to do? The f*cking idiots have the media, they have the money, they have the means to perpetuate f*cking idiocy, through their schools, their churches, and their paranoid wet dreams.

When the going gets tough, the right wing goes insane. It's absolutely, totally, completely, mind-blowingly, incomprehensively, inexplicably, depressingly, astoundingly, dangerously, destructively, nuts.

We must be the laughing stock of the world.


  1. "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time... and that's often enough!"


  2. Just simple arithmetic. 3000 people, $200 million a day = $66,666.67 per day per each. I couldn't spend that much in the most expensive bordello in the world buying rounds of '59 Chateau Lafite for the house.

  3. I know what you mean! I remember some liberals who hated Sarah Palin so much that they believed she encouraged people t yell "kill him!" at her rallies.

    Why are people that hateful? I know you weren't one of those people, but I do see some of that vitriol in your writing. It's a shame people can't disagree without that kind of personal attack.

    Hope your NFL team wins today--whoever they are.


  4. "We must be the laughing stock of the world."

    I'm not laughing.

  5. My "hatefulness" is in response to idiocy.

  6. You're implying that these people are too stupid to literally do the math on this particular item (or, e.g., figure out that the POTUS was born in Hawaii) They're not.

    And everyone gets an honest misperception now and then. They're not doing that either.

    What's happening here is that somewhere along the line, self-described conservatives managed to convince themselves that whatever they feel like believing is as valid as a fact.

    So what they believe is in no way required to have any basis in reality. What their beliefs are required to do is flatter them, or get them pumped up, or otherwise make them feel good.

    The scary bit is that once you start using that criterion for what you're willing to accept as true or valid, it's no leap at all to convince yourself that, for example, the most shameful crimes are perfectly reasonable (waterboarding for example), or that people who look different from you, or disagree with you constitute such a major threat that violence is justified.

    And this effect is multiplied by millions of people. It's as if they're all having an elective psychotic break.

    - Molly, NYC

  7. Just took a look at a currency converter, and 200 million rupees would be just under $4.5 million. Considering the figures I've seen about the cost of some of Dubya's major trips, that's not terribly out of line with what they cost.

    The other thing that had me scratching my head was that 3000 people were only going to take up 700-some hotel rooms. What, a luxury trip and they're bunking four-up?

  8. The rupee thought had occurred to me as well. But that would be almost rational.


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