Monday, November 1, 2010


Great city for tourism, D.C. Need to go back and stay long enough that there's time to sleep. I'd put it not far below NYC as a place to spend some immersion time. New Orleans. San Francisco. Good eats, good sights and sounds and provocations.

One of my best friends from college lives there, and we met up with him and his wife, both of whom my wife and I have known for decades. Senior year, Charlie and I and two others were nearly inseparable: we lived in two of the pen-original dorms as dorm proctors, in the only sort-of suites in those mirror-image buildings. Ate nearly every meal together, went on dates together, pulled various pranks together, three of us were in the same fraternity. (It's not what you're thinking: at Amherst, virtually everyone was in a fraternity because there were hardly any dorms. No one who wanted to be in one was denied. Being dorm proctors meant we didn't have to live in the frat any more, which we all considered a good thing.) One of us four is now a famous (and infamous) cardiologist, another the headmaster of a prestigious prep school, and the third is one of the directors of a world-renowned institute dedicated to fostering leadership and policy formulation. Knows some international people with wigs that are very big.

Then there's me.

Catching up on sleep with not much to say today.


  1. SO why don't you and Charlie get married if you love each other so much??? Oh yeah, that Defense of Marriage Act, signed by a Democrat President BTW, and still the Law O' the Land...and its so strange cause you'd think a Black President would be sympathetic to the plite of a opressed minority...
    So let me get this joined a frat so you didnt have to live in the dorm, then you lived in the dorm...
    I lived in the Auburn dorms for a year, then moved up to a trailer park..
    Go ahead, laugh, we're #1 in the BCS!!!!! Does Amherst even have a team???
    can't keep up with you on the high falutin classmates, oh yeah I can...
    One of my roommates was involved with the Ted Bundy Autopsy...
    Naw, he's not a doctor, he's a prison guard, almost has enough time to retire...


  2. Time to check the hoses again, Frankie. BCS #1 is a public university in the state of my third-generation birth, my youth, my family home.

    And rather than me trying to explain the dorm thing, just turn down the nitrous and re-read the sentence.

  3. You were born in Alabama???


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