Friday, November 12, 2010

The Source

From her mouth to Glenn's ears. And the RWS™. And then.... the internets. And my inbox.


  1. Hmmm... Are those Pleiadeans boobies?

  2. WOW she is a few fries short of a happy meal but in spite of that I think I am in LOVE. :)

  3. Please note the paragraph above the comment window regarding anonymous comments. But, rules are made to be broken: in this case, for an innocuous and pleasing comment I made an exception.

  4. So WHY did the President(Peace be upon Him) have to be 12,000 miles away from the US on VETERANS DAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    and remember how he was gone on Memorial Day too??? and Was it just a Co-ink-e-dinky that a UFO that looked amazingly like a MISSILE was seen off the West Coast at the VERY SAME TIME?!?!?!?
    and Coleen's hot, in a Milf-y kind of way.

    Thanks Sid,


  5. Excellent points as usual, Frankie. Obama hates the troops so much he's trying to get them home from Iraq so he can crap on them more easily. He hates them so much that he raised by billions the money spent on VAs and other vet issues so he can keep them alive longer so he can crap on them.

    He hates them so much that he sent them into an unnecessary and disastrous war without planning and without proper equipment, and sent them back over and over, and ignored health issues when they returned.

    Oh, wait...

  6. Umm Sid, I don't get it..
    BHO(PBUH) DID do all that stuff...
    So its like your actually AGREEING WITH ME???????!!!!!!!!
    and seriously, would YOU get ANYTHING Done to you at a VA?????
    and I know its Georgia, and I've heard all the Georgia jokes,and No, I'm not wearing shoes right now, and Yes, I've hit on my Cousin(she was really hot) but the VA here gave about 300 Vets the Hep C when they didn't properly sterilize there Colon-o-scopes.
    Oops. Sorry bout that'
    But hey, you don't have to worry bout those polyps for another 5 years so you've got that goin for ya...

    Frank "Paid Cash for my Rotator Cuff repair" Drackman

  7. Dr. Sid,
    Where did you find this fruitcake lady and why do you torture us with her? Is she your alternative to waterboarding?

    Here's some interesting articles for you to peruse.

    1. Some prominent Dems are calling for Obama to voluntarily be a 1 term president.

    2. Looks like this is gonna be really expensive.


    p.s. I know the articles are off topic.

  8. Thanks, PT, I've seen them.

    1) By "prominent" I guess you mean ones that appear regularly on Fox "news." Neither relevant nor credible (I mean those guys, whose currency in Democratic affairs has long since passed.

    2) From what I can tell, the commission's potential proposals are very conservative, and ought to be embraced more by the right than the left. To give the highest earners a huge tax break, they propose cutting all sorts of social programs. I'm all for shared sacrifice, but I think it weighs disproportionately on the weak. So far, anyway.

    But there's no doubt that the cure for the fiscal irresponsibility of the Bush years (and the efforts to date to repair the damage) will be costly and painful. On that, we agree.

    And since we're quoting guys from long-gone administrations, I read this letter today in the NYT:

    The current federal budget deficit was caused mainly by unnecessary wars and related military spending, the worst economic downturn since the 1930s, and large tax cuts and bailouts for the rich, all stemming from the Bush administration.

    Now a bipartisan commission proposes that we solve the long-term deficit “problem” by cutting back Social Security, Medicare and other social welfare programs. Thus the poor, the sick and the elderly would pay for the tax breaks and bailouts for the already wealthy.

    The Republicans have made it clear that they have only one economic goal: making the rich richer. Are there no Democrats left with any backbone?

    Robert Ortner
    Short Hills, N.J., Nov. 12, 2010

    The writer was chief economist and under secretary of commerce during the Reagan administration and is the author of “Voodoo Deficits.”

  9. Also, PT, (realizing that in posting now you'll probably not see it), this article agrees entirely with my view of your dynamic "Democratic" duo.


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