Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free The Anti-Matter!

Don't know about you, but I'm gonna write someone a nasty letter. An email, anyway. Scientists have really over-stepped this time.

So they've been looking for anti-matter. Okay, it's a free country. (Switzerland, that is.) I've been looking for Sasquatch around here, too. But if I ever found one, I'd sure let it roam free. So what do these guys do? They find an anti-atom, and trap it. Keep it. Poor little guy. And those scientists? Probably getting revenge for all the wedgies they got in grade school. Far as I'm concerned, it's no excuse.

GENEVA – Scientists claimed a breakthrough Thursday in solving one of the biggest riddles of physics, successfully trapping the first "anti-atom" in a quest to understand what happened to all the antimatter that has vanished since the Big Bang.

An international team of physicists at the European Organizationfor Nuclear Research, or CERN, managed to create an atom of anti-hydrogen and then hold onto it for long enough to demonstrate that it can be studied in the lab.

Yeah, sure. Under what conditions? In a cage with no water?

If I understood it, I bet I'd be even more pissed.

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  1. Dr.Schwab: In this post you have elevated yourself to a place on the intellectual ladder that is beyond what most of us little guys can comprehend. Come on, get down to stuff we can understand but wonder about, such as why Cheerios are nearly $5.00 a box and no longer have a coupon for a Lone Ranger us, don't confound us. Thanks.


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