Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Empty He

Some stories are so perfect, you just can't get ahead of them on the intertubes. By now, pretty much everything that needs to be said has been said. But it's still worth a note over here. Because, after all, the stupidity, dishonesty, factlessness, gullibility, hypocrisy, superficiality, vacuity, laughability-were-it-funny, and over-arching unhelpfulness (to name only the first few appropriate adjectives that come most obviously to mind) of the teabaggers and those candidates supported by them, is a central theme of this blog, without which what'd be the point? Like sex without a partner. (Well, okay... )

First of all, let no reader of comments on this blog be surprised or fail to note that the shameless hypocrite in question, with no useful ideas, is an anesthesiologist from the Southlands. Just sayin'.

So this guy, who likes to appear on camera in the starchy white coat and pressed scrubs of the non-operational, campaigned against government-run health care, mischaracterizing as "government takeover" the plan that was sadly far short of and anything but a government takeover. "Market solutions" was his brilliant, original, and pre-failed proposal.

Announcing for everyone to see (those that hadn't figured it out or read this blog, that is) that he and everyone who campaigned on the falsehoods and simplicity of the teabag variety weren't serious at all, he arrives in D.C. and demands, I tell you, DEMANDS his free government health care. A one month wait, he says, is intolerable. Even though it's two months shorter than for the average American new employee in, y'know, market-based private business. Then, when reaction is, well, exactly what you'd expect, he tries to say he was just pointing out the inefficiency of government sponsored care. Yeah, by demanding that he get it right away. Convincing. (It's all in the preceding links.)

Yep. And Mitch McConnell climbs clumsily on board the anti-earmark haywagon, pitchfork in his ass, after requesting a billion dollars --A BILLION DOLLARS -- of his own.

Y'know, I've criticized Congressional Democrats roundly for their fecklessness, for their weak-kneed wobbling on their own principles. But at least they've been trying to get things done, and they haven't been presenting themselves completely as people they are not. Not completely, anyway. But these guys, these new majority Congresspeople, and the ones already in place whom they're joining? What a bunch of disingenuous and empty-headed deceivers. How transparent is their selfishness, their dishonesty, their goals being only about personal power and preserving wealth for the richest while ignoring everything and everyone else.

This guy, this anesthesiologist from the South who, like our favorite commenter, probably sucks a little too much nitrous at home, in his clumsy and instantaneous dropping of tea party pretense almost makes it funny. But really, it's not.

I can only wonder, trembling (mostly with fear), what disasters they're about to wreak upon us (and embarrassments on themselves); and whether even the self-centered and unthinking people who put them in Congress will wake up in time to undo the damage. Or, since it'll be too late, at least to recognize what they've done.

After putting this post to bed, as it were, I got an email linking to the following, by Sam Seder, cleverer and much better known than me:


  1. Charles Rangle, Charles Rangle, Charles Rangle, Charles Rangle,
    Rangle, Rangle, Charles Rangle,
    Charlie Rangle, Chuck Rangle...
    Chuckie Rangle...
    and I still havent mentioned him as much as you use the "Teabagger" word, which is just as offensive as the N-Word, which you'd know, if you knew any N-words...
    and I mean had an N-word as a friend, not the guy who cuts your grass...
    Hey I'd be pissed to if my Insurance didn't kick in for a month...
    MINE started BEFORE I did my first day of work, not that I plan on usin it for any thing short of ummm OK, payin for that Rotator Cuff out of pocket sort of sucked, cause it was like buyin 3 70 inch Japanese market Pioneer Plasmas they don't even make anymore, except you didn't get the 3 70 inch Plasma TVs to watch, only a sore shoulder and a percocet scrip...
    which I didn't even fill, cause I'd have to pay for it out of pocket... Damn Donut hole...
    umm not the Medicare part "D" "Donut Hole", I just dropped a donut hol on my keyboard..


  2. From the post:

    "First of all, let no reader of comments on this blog be surprised or fail to note that the shameless hypocrite in question, with no useful ideas, is an anesthesiologist from the Southlands. Just sayin'."

  3. How Bout a Commission to find the President's Testicles???

    WHOA!!!!!!!!!(Andrew Dice Clay Voice)HAHA!! ("Nelson" Laugh")
    and if I knew how to spell that funny laugh Woody Woodpecker used to do, I'd already have spelled it instead of writing all this..

    Umm and I think Federal Government Employees pay for there insurance....

    Just Sayin'...

    Little Boy Blew...


  4. Anonymous, I'd have published your comment but for the requirement to end with some sort of identifier. It's fine to sign in anonymously, but gimme an initial, something, by which to separate you from other would-be anonymi. As I've posted in the comment window...

  5. “Andy Harris is an anesthesiologist and newly-elected Republican member of Congress from Maryland who ran on an anti-health-care-reform platform, but at an orientation yesterday, he got VERY ANGRY that the government will not provide him with free health care instantly after being sworn into office in January.”

    Anesthesiologist? Another sociopathic TeaBagging gas passer; is it something about the specialty? Do they sniff the stuff they are giving the patient – one for him - two for me?

    What comedy; what hypocrisy, he managed to get the fools to elect him by raving about “socialistic” health care but he just couldn’t wait to get his snout into the “socialistic” trough.

    Let’s watch and see he if he starts to rave about gays like the one we all know does. Then we will know that he is also a secret self-loathing homosexual like so many others in the republican leadership Ala: Mitch McConnell, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, and Ed Schrock.

    Once again we see the truth of the sublime teaching: Two things frequently rise to the top – scum and cream – and there is far more scum around than cream!


  6. I'll see your Charlie Rangel, Frank, and raise you a Mitch McConnell.

    "McConnell has rewarded corporate donors to an academic center named after him -- and used earmarks for that purpose. The top corporate recipient of earmarks from the Kentucky Republican in the 2010 budget not only happens to be a donor to the McConnell Center for Political Leadership at the University of Louisville, but one of the largest and most corrupt defense contractors in the world."

  7. Wateva.............
    and go ahead, insult my lucrative/with/great/hours specialty,when I went into it in the mid 90's NOBODY WANTED TO GO INTO ANESTHESIA!!!!
    in fact I'm pretty sure the Unabomber/Bin Laden/KSM were in my class, hard to tell with the masks...
    thats right, all the "SMART" graduates went into Internal Medicine, or Pediatrics, or Family Practice, or best of all,
    cause everyone knew with managed care, the FPs would be King..
    and if you'll excuse me I have to "Supervise" a CRNA, you know, make sure she takes out the LMA correctly...


  8. DrekMan...(TheWormDrekAnus)...

    From the 2nd page of the Resluglican playbook:

    Shit on the wall - RANGLErangleRaNgLeGarbilllle: again the tactic is to deflect the subject away from the main point under discussion.

    Id Est - Andy Harris, sociopathic anesthesiologist, TeaBagging hypocrite, newly-elected Republican from Maryland and Frat Bro, to our own sociopathic, anesthetized anesthesiologist, and TeaBagging hypocrite.

    So nice you never had to wait for medical care, never had to "Go to the Emergency Room, where you could not be turned away." Never had to wait a day even - what bliss attends your entitled, mint julep sipping, down home existence!

    You must be the envy of your share cropping,emergency room visiting, cracker in-laws.

    And you even knew an "N-word" (some of which were your best friends - no doubt). He must have been overjoyed to have your patronizing acquaintance.

    Had? What happened, did he want to marry your sister?

    Sit on that and "Rotate."


  9. Oh Yes, and let us not overlook that Teabagging-traitor - House Minority Whip Eric Cantor - who told the Israeli leadership that Republicans would side with Israel against America's interests.

    Even the Israelis were shocked!


  10. I posted about that little gem, and as if from his fellow republicans, (and like the title of the post, I got no comments.

  11. i don't get comments on lots of my blog posts either...

    Eugene, I know that HIV dementia's a B-word, but.....
    "share cropping, ER visting,cracker in-laws???????"
    I WISH!, my in-laws live in Long Island, (thats in New Yawk)the Expensive part, and the only ER they visit is..
    umm they don't ever get sick/hurt, except "Dad" sprained his nose, I mean back, overcharging a minority on a pawn...but he just took used some aspirin and Atomic balm and was good as new..
    and what's good for Israel is good for America!!!!!!!!!! in fact Israel would be a great 51st State if it wouldnt drop there standard of living too much...



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