Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The US (and, specifically, the Bush administration's) response to the 9/11 attack has been overreaction in countless ways, exceeding OBL's wildest cave-dreams, and underreaction in others. I (and, therefore, anyone) can think of a gazillion places in the US where a terrorist strike would have more emotional and economic impact than an airplane, and would be child's play to pull off.

But the patriotic dudgeon over body scanners and patdowns has been revelatory.

I have many questions about both methods, and I really have questions about the RWS™ calls for racial profiling in order to spare the rest of us the indignities. (Isn't it obvious what the terrorist response would be, how stupid an idea it is? (Well, of course it is: Sarah's on board, too.))

On the other hand, my first thought about going through a body scanner is this: I feel sorry for the poor sonofabitch who has to look at images of me digitally unclothed.

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