Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Price We'll Pay

As teabagger Republicans work their will, refusing to pay for anything including (maybe starting with) education, America will accelerate its slide from relevance. India, among others, is more than ready to take up the slack. They already are.

BANGALORE, INDIA - In a futuristic lab on a leafy information technology campus, an inventor showed off a power strip that calculates a household's carbon emissions for the environmentally conscious U.S. market. In a research center nearby, rocket scientists worked on designs for lighter, more aerodynamic wings for Boeing fighter jets...
...In the latest phase of globalization, some economists say, Silicon Valley is in danger of losing a sizable piece of its knowledge-based industry to India in much the same way Detroit lost its lead to Japan in the auto industry.

While the United States is still the innovation leader with global projects such as the iPhone, thousands of high-tech jobs with iconic companies like IBM and Accenture have been shipped to India.

My guess is it's already not just about money. But, clearly, the day is coming when it'll be only about locating the best talent. Our schools are failing, running out of money. Teachers are being laid off, measures -- as in my state -- to raise money for education are being rejected by the "I got mine, screw you" brand of America-love that now passes for so-called patriotism.

Prideful and selfish know-nothingism has prevailed, doubling and redoubling and destructive as Asian carp (no offense intended to Asians, our soon-to-be callers of the world's shots.) Here, as failed schools propagate cluelessness (by design?), teabaggerism will achieve a critical mass, crowding out all others until there'll be no room left for those willing to sacrifice, if only a little, for the common good. Once there are enough teabaggers, the end of education, at their hands, will see to it that the only thing we can produce will be more teabaggers. Ironically Darwinian, for people who don't believe in it. Our fate, already sealed, will be, at best, to be the consumers of the rest of the world's innovations.

Assuming we'll have any money left with which to buy them.

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  1. Jeez Sid, this is your 16th bad-loser post in lets see...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 days since election day...thats like ummm 1 point something posts/day
    Slow Down Man!!!, ya gotta let those Neurofibralary Tangles rest every now and then..
    Seriously, just curious as to why Your Democrats don't use the precious 1,2,3,4,5,6 umm carry the 3, divide by 5...
    54 days they have left in power to..........
    1: Close Gitmo(Its still Open)

    2: Repeal the Eee-ville Bush, I mean Clinton signed DOMA, you know that law Clinton signed that basically makes SameSexMarriages null & void no matter how many state referendums supporting SSM lose, I mean Iowa Court decisions y'all win...
    Oh yeah, the President(Peace be upon Him) doesnt support SSM either...
    Never Mind....

    3: Screw letting the Bush Tax Cuts Expire, go ahead and raise em back to the Clinton-Error rates!!!...Whats with Burger Flippers only payin %10??? And nice thing is you could make it retroactive to January 1st, 2010... think how many trillions could be spent on a new Stimulus, I mean, to reduce the dafecit...

    4:Repeal "Dont Ask Don't Smell, and if they do Ask, take the 5th"
    and if an overwhelming Democrat majority won't pass it(they won't) go all Harry P Truman and drop 2 Atomic Bombs on the Japs(it took TWO Nukes to make em quit!!!)
    I mean, just issue a Dad-burned Executive Order and be done with it... I'd sort of like to see a Lesbian at the Tomb of the Unknowns...(They dont even let WOMEN march there...whats with that???)



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