Saturday, November 27, 2010


I've been known occasionally to post an article here from The Onion. Did it on Turkey Day, matter of fact. The difference between me and Fox "news" is that I know they're (The Onion, that is) a satire organization. Not only does Fox not know, evidently; neither do its readers. The line between what Fox calls "news" and deliberate falsehood (even when satirical) is non-existent.

It's but one more example of the need to believe the worst about Obama. It's what keeps Fox going and raking in the dough: validating and stoking hatreds, prejudices, and fears of the credulous. And the cred-heads not only don't know they're being fed a pile of crap, they don't want to know. They believe what they believe. It's not about truth.

If they wanted truth, they'd read the NYT.

Or this blog.

[Thanks for the heads-up, Pieter.]

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