Monday, November 29, 2010


For, lo, it has come to (dropped) pass that an athlete has shown some theologic consistency.

And the years have begat questions, as I've wondered when, since players routinely praise god for their great catch, the team win, one of them would call him out when he blows it.

Having seen his post-game interview, I feel bad for the guy, who seems one of the good ones. Nevertheless, I think there are several things he could learn from this, religulously.

But he wouldn't like any of them.


Anonymous said...

Athletes "Routinely praise God for there great catch, the team win..."???
Could you give 3 examples? With apropriate dates/names/teams etc, should be easy if they routinely do it.
And I'm not just bustin balls, well maybe a little bit, cause I hate people who do that, and howcome God lets really Evil Men like the Ayatollah Khomeni, Fidel Castro, Ted Kennedy live to healthy old age and then smite cute little 3 year olds with his Neuroblastoma/Sickle Cell/Leukemia stick???
Wouldn't it have saved at least one(Mary Joe Kopeckney) young (Mary Joe Kopeckney) ladies (Mary Joe Kopeckny) life if Ted Kennedy had caught his Glioma in 1939 instead of 2009??? I mean whats 70 years in a Universe thats 6,000 years old?
And you won't catch ME doin that, since my College hasnt won a National Football Title since 1957, and they were on probation that year, back when you could be on probation and win the National Football Title.

Frank "If God didn't want us to eat Apples, howcome he put em in the damn Garden of Eden" Drackman

Anonymous said...

Hell, Frank, I don't give a damn about the NFL and I know that praying on the field after a key play is commonplace. Does this not penetrate the rock you live under? Is your Google broken? The first recorded end zone prayer in the NFL was over 30 years ago.

NFL VP of officiating says that even though there's a rule against "going to the ground" to celebrate a touchdown, players will not be penalized if they're praying. Mike Pereira told the NFL Network last year that there would be an exception to the "going to the ground" rule for players who did so to "praise the lord". He said he'd allowed this because he didn't want to be "struck by lightning".

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