Saturday, November 13, 2010

Silence On The Right

Considering that he committed an act he once characterized as a felony, you'd think there'd be at least a little stirring in discomfort on the right at Eric Cantor's latest buffoonery. But that would only occur in a world where Congressional Republicans (and John Bolton) aren't shameless hypocrites. It really is appalling, and is but a taste of the horrors to come. These are dangerously deluded and unserious people.

So that's it: foreign policy aimed at discrediting and undermining a president, feloniously. Domestic policy based on biblical literalism.

Nice going, teabaggers. Glenn Beck and his RWS™ pals, the Koch brothers, Dick Armey -- all of them sold you a bill of goods, you signed on the bottom line without discharging a single axon. You've sunk us all.

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