Monday, November 22, 2010

Dancing With The Metaphors

Despite my happenin' stance, I have to say I've never watched "Dancing With The Stars." But, as a faithful follower of the truths that pass each other in the night on the intertubes, I'm aware that Bristol Palin is on the show, and that she keeps getting voted back by hordes of people who proudly announce they voted hundreds of times to "make liberals' heads explode." This, despite the fact that the born-again virgin regularly receives the lowest scores from the judges. And since it came from one of my best friends, the one who introduced me to my future wife -- twice (same girl) -- when he requested that I comment on the situation (sly reference there), I obey.

Having watched clips that show her acting disability, I'm inclined to stipulate that Ms Palin is not a good dancer either. Evidently, experts agree. (I don't know anything about the show's judges, but I assume they know something about dance, much as the judges on American Idol know music: and I have watched that show.) So for the purposes of this highly important post -- and because my point makes no sense if it's untrue -- let's all get along, and buy the proposition that Bristol Palin dances like me.

In which case, it's a perfect microcosm of teabaggery and the whole Sarah Palin phenomenon: the voting onto the national stage of people demonstrably unqualified and untalented by folks proudly and resolutely refractory to fact. People who not only don't value expertise but actively reject it. People who, for reasons that sincerely escape me, feel a primal need for validation, and exercise it by supporting people who are vapid, anti-intellectual, vengeful, superficial, short-sighted, selfish, uninformed, and mean. Nasty.

The good news is I couldn't care less what happens on DWTS. The bad news is the phenomenon is not limited to meaningless TV shows. It's taken over all phases of political life and, without doubt, threatens to destroy our country.

So, let's keep dancing. You break out the booze. I've got the equivalent of a ball.


Anonymous said...

2 Words
"Joseph Robinette Biden"
OK, 3, but did YOU know his middle name is "Robinette"? Its almost as funny as "Hussein"..
and his main accomplishment before being elected to the Senate at the age of 29 was NOT getting kicked out of college like Ted Kennedy.
But hey, at least Joe didn't leave a young woman to asphyxiate(NOT drown, there's a difference) and graduated 506 out of his class of 688 at that academic powerhouse, the University of Delaware.
And in a Senate Career spanning 4 decades Senator Biden accomplished.....
umm lets see, he did survive Brain Aneurysm surgery and voted for the "Defense of Marriage Act" like 32 other Democrat Senators...
or was it 29 Democrats, like voted for the Iraq War Resolution???
anyway, he did vote the right way at least 2 times, and he tells quadraplegics to stand up, and makes jokes about Indians running convenience stores (Ever been to Delaware?? ITS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!)

Frank "You know you're only watching to see Bristol's taint" Drackman

Kathleen said...

I started a Facebook family feud when I wrote that Bristol looks like a confused, cavorting caribou calf on the frozen tundra and should stop dancing. Could be a frosty Thanksgiving this year, except for those members savoring their piping hot tea.

Anonymous said...

You guys are pretty cute! You're so engorged with your hatred of Sarah Palin that her whole family is your enemy! You're like the ugly kids sitting in the corner resenting all the girls who won't dance with you. Poor boys!


Sid Schwab said...

Nice of you to drop by to miss yet another point, Bj.

SeaSpray said...

I agree that she shouldn't have made it so far. She just didn't have the snappiness, timing and confidence. It was painful to watch sometimes.

Although the winner had her moments when she was doubting ..but for different reasons. She had physical issues. She also had experience dancing... "Dirty Dancing." She overcame a lot and hung in there and it was a treat to watch their routines.

I give the Bristol a lot of credit though. She was not a dancer. Zero experience. Considering that ... she did put her self out there and tried her best and improved.

But ..she should've been voted out earlier. I didn't see every week and I don't know who all the competitors were.

I remember Jerry Springer kept getting voted back on and every week ..even he was surprised.

I have to say Florence Henderson was impressive for being 76 years old. She must be in great shape. Could of done without the sexy routine though.

I missed the last show.

Sid Schwab said...

And she showed her (inherited) classiness by saying

"Going out there and winning this would mean a lot. It would be like a big middle finger out there to all the people out there who hate my mom and hate me."

Anonymous said...

The funniest thing about the whole brouhaha is that there's apparently a lot of Palin-worshipers who think that "liberals" actually give a sh*t about who wins DwtS. That they brag about how they're stuffing the electronic ballot box is rather sad.

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