Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last Word

The very last words in this discussion are what I've been saying about this as well.

Last words, indeed. In order 1) to take down Obama and 2) reinstate and/or protect the failed economic policies of Reagan and Bush, the newly-powerful Congressional Rs will happily set us back on the path to self-destruction.

Maybe it comes down to this: the difference between liberals and conservatives, as now constituted, is that liberals have a long view of the present and the future, and conservatives are all about now. And by "now" I mean "I want mine, NOW! I don't care about yours, and I don't care about the future." Unsurprisingly, this is from the party that most identifies as highly religious, so I guess they figure they don't need to worry about the future, because a) it's in god's hands and b) they're all going to heaven. Surprisingly, these are also people who claim to love the teachings of Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Long View??
Like Closing Gitmo??
Oops I mean leaving it open, until every terrorist gets a Civillian Trial in the Big Apple...
I mean Doesn't get a trial, heck, now you've got ME confused..
Or repealing the DOMA/DADT?, and there's only been a Democrat controlled House/Senate for the last 1,420 days, of course since DOMA/DADT were both signed/instituted by Democrat presidents 14/17 years ago probably best to let another generation pass by so as not to embarass the living Democrats who voted for DOMA/DADT,
and I think the last Democrat who voted against the Civil Rights act should be dying any time now...


Sid Schwab said...

Geez, Frankie, you'd think after an absence you'd be able to come up with something new. (I won't even mention relevant. (You do know why Gitmo is still open, DADT was the best Clinton could do at the time, and who's against repeal, right?) (And I agree that DOMA was a shameful law for Clinton to have signed.)

Anonymous said...

Your just jealous cause MY college is about to win the BCS championship over a Sissy Pac-10 team...
Does Harvard even HAVE a football team??? I mean a real one, not the fraternity team that Biff and Chaz play on...
Umm BTW why IS Gitmo still open?
I mean I can understand when Bush/Chaney/Delay were in charge, but NOW?? His Holiness has been in the Whitehouse what is it??? 2 Ramadans now...
I mean the part where they keep the A-rab Teror-ists, which is actually only a small area of the base.
Its really a beautiful place, in the way that Southern California's beautiful, in fact it sorta reminds me of Southern California with Iguanas and Minefields...

Sid Schwab said...

Sadly, you're probably right about football.

Gitmo is still open because the Rs, in typical politics above national interest demagoguery, convinced people that the inmates coming to a supermax in any state would represent a huge threat. Which was bullshit, of course. But as usual, with the help of Fox "news" and the rest of the RWS™ they got people whipped into a fear-frenzy, and, sadly, Obama backed down.

And, of course, there's the little fact that since most of the inmates were tortured or otherwise deprived of certain rights, none of them could be tried with an expectation of finding them guilty. Had your pal followed some basic laws, that would not be the case.

Sam Spade said...

Ironic that you should pipe up here Frank.

As near as I can reckon--and it's not been easy reckoning--you loathe Obama because he hasn't closed Gitmo, though you want it to stay open, and because he hasn't left Iraq and Afghanistan, where you want him to stay. Maybe one of these days he'll do something you don't like and it will be true love. I don't know if Muslim men are routinely circumcised, but probably you don't care anyway.

Anonymous said...

I can see you have total contempt for anyone who reads the Bible and prays, right?

Brujita ;-)

Sid Schwab said...


Anonymous said...

"I can see you have total contempt for anyone who reads the Bible and prays, right"?

I would put it this way Bruja: I have total contempt for anyone who reads the Bible and prays and then votes Republican/TeaBagger.

Jesus said:

Heal the sick - but Christianist republicans hate health care.

He said feed the hungry - but Jesus-lite "Christians" rave about welfare cheats,

He said teach the ignorant - but Anti-Christ "Christians" loathe paying to educate any but white kids of a certain class.

So...just in case you hadn't noticed, Jesus is/was a liberal.

For him there was no such thing as a dirty welfare cheat, and he found greedy, self regarding rich people disgusting.

By the way, he also said "go into a private place and close the door when you pray and do not pray on the corners as the hypocrites do - they already have their reward."

But here you are - on a corner - making a public display of what a godly person you are. You pray, you read the Bible! Awesome!! already have your reward - just as he said you would.


P.S. Hypocrite, thy name art DrekMan...(The worm DrekAnus)...

Anonymous said...

I love health care. I wish it wasn't so expensive--and getting worse because of Obama.

I presume you love the cheats? Deny there are cheats?

"loathe paying to educate any but white kids" this one is pretty funny. BTW--it was Obama who cut off poor black kids getting vouchers in DC.

"But here you are - on a corner - making a public display of what a godly person you are. You pray, you read the Bible! Awesome!!"

Had you followed the link, you would have seen this is Obama's boast.

"Jesus is/was a liberal." A possible argument. But he would never be a democrat.


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