Monday, March 19, 2012

Alert! Heads Exploding

For the reality-impaired, namely those hoping for an Obama defeat no matter what, based on the imaginary portrait fed to them by Fox "news" and the rest of the RWS™, this article might be of interest. Or would be, that is, if knowing what's actually going on was important to them.

But the bottom line is that it is really, truly time for the myth about Big Spender Obama to die. If anything, it is remarkable that, after a recession and a private sector implosion, the public sector expanded less under this administration than it did under Bush or Reagan, especially when you consider the government cuts made at the state and local levels.
The title graph is from the article, and there are a few more in it, reinforcing the point.

You know, it's not as if there are no reasons to oppose Obama. I just wish the upcoming election would be about what's actually going on; what Obama has or hasn't done, what Santomney actually plans to do. Because the constant dissembling by the right-wingers, the outright lying by Romtorum, the happy assimilation of it all by the dumbed-down teabagging electorate, is really really depressing. Because notwithstanding the ways in which Obama has disappointed many liberals (he is, after all, a more conservative president, by many measures, than W was), and despite the caricature of him broadcast directly into the brains of the soft-headed Foxophiles, if what he's actually done is compared to what any of the R candidates claims he'll do, it's hard to imagine more than a handful of thoughtful people voting for the latter.

Which is exactly the point of the propaganda machine.


  1. Sid, as a card carrying RepubicKKKlan, can I be frank?
    Barak Hussein Obama could be the second coming of Hey-Zeuss himself, and he won't win a single one of the former Confederate States.
    He's Black, we don't like em. Thats why we enslaved them and fought a Civil War after the Yankees couldn't make Slavery work economically up North, and wanted to make the South as miserable as they were.
    Anyways, its gonna be 84/62 Sunny in the ATL today, a little better than the 81/62/Sunny yesterday, gotta enjoy it before that cold front hits Friday, 78/58.
    Whats it like in your town?
    Lets see, 48/38 Rain, but hey, at least you can watch the Supersonics...
    But hey, you owe it to yourself to catch "Game Change" on HBO.
    I know, $29/Month, get a Motel Room, if you steel some of the Splenda, defrays some of the costs.
    You'll enjoy the endless mockery of Sara Palin, the near Mongoloid-ness of John McCain, but the best part, SPOILER ALERT.
    Before her debate with Joe Biden, Palin looks across the stage, and behind the curtain,

    and its so great cause you know that really happened...


  2. You did notice I said "thoughtful people," right?


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