Friday, March 2, 2012


Like him or not (newsflash: I do), you gotta admit our president actually likes sports, and can talk about them like a regular guy: at least when compared to Mitt Romney, whose attempts to connect to NASCAR fans made me actually feel embarrassed for him.

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  1. Y'know, most people with means, especially inherited means, don't talk about it much in public.

    So it's odd that Romney can't shut up about it.

    I think maybe what's going on with that is that he's basically rather boring and he's spent his life adapting to the fact that his wealth is the only thing about him that's interesting and might impress anyone. (Sort of like those guys who know they're drips but figure women will overlook it if they brag about how much money they make.)

    So now he's in a situation where it makes him sound like an ass, but at this point in his life, it's just how he rolls.

    - Molly, NYC


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