Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Role Reversal

All you have to do is listen to any random right-winger, and you'll learn that they think the country is going to hell. On that, it happens, we totally agree. Just a matter of which direction it's taking to get there, and whose version of hell is its destination.

To teabaggRs, the destruction they see comes in the form of allowing certain people to have rights that everyone else has; it comes in the form of maintaining the tradition of separation of church and state; it comes in the form of allowing non-white people into this country, in the form of making quality and affordable health care accessible to all citizens of the richest country on earth. It comes in the form of taxes at a level that would allow the continuation of public education, the building and repairing of infrastructure, and in the form of believing in science, of protecting the planet, while also reducing deficits.

And, finally, it comes in the form of being asked to give an actual, MEANINGFUL -- as opposed to a flag-waving and empty -- shit.

In other words, what teabaggRs hate, and are doing their unlevel best to destroy, are the very things that have, until recently, made America great: addressing injustice, valuing diversity, funding education, respecting science and invention, advancing the right to vote. Promoting the general welfare, you might call it. Constitutiony sorts of things. Founding fatherish sorts of stuff.

So what we see rising in states controlled by such people are laws that allow the shooting of innocents, free from fear of prosecution. We see biblical literalism forced into schools, and we see religious views wrapped around sonogram wands and forced into vaginas. We see democracy actively diminished by voter suppression laws and by unwinding the regulation of political donations, replacing the wreckage of democracy with unbridled plutocracy; constitutional government replaced with theocracy. We see bogus budgets put forth that will devastate the country. Now that they have control of the House and think they'll grab the Senate and the White House, they're barely trying to hide it any more.

If it were the case that the remnants of the Republican party placed any value at all on truth, they'd just up and acknowledge that they've had it with democracy, with the constitution, with equal rights for all Americans. They'd openly state that their words are empty as Sarah Palin's knowledge of the world when they claim they worry about future generations: they'd admit that they want what they can get, now, that the future is only a word, a tool they use to pry open the vault. They'd concede that what they want isn't a return to anything; because the country toward which they're dragging us all has never existed on U.S. soil. Parts of it, singly, one at a time, maybe. But not all of it, ever, not even most of it, all at the same time.

If you want a look at the ideal of the current Republicans and teabaggers, look to Iran, to Saudi Arabia, where religion is supreme, votes are rigged and suppressed, women are second-class citizens, opposition is quashed with deadly force, diversity is non-existent; and from where no significant scientific advancements have come in centuries.

The only difference between that and what teabaggRs want is which holy book they hold dear, and the fact that Iran and Saudi Arabia have already made it happen. But we're working on getting there, sure as hell.


  1. Very Good Sid, no "I"s.
    Of course you cheated a little, using the familar "We" where I(1)know you wanted to speak in the first person...
    and I(2) DONT believe America's going to hell in a hand basket.
    I(3) don't believe in hell for one thing, except maybe Boy Scout Summer Camp in North Dakota.
    But seriously, I'll(4) max out my Social Security contribution next month, and You know if His-Knows-What-An-Imaginary-Son-would-look-like had his Druthers, I'd(5) be payin Social Security on my whole over-achieving income instead of just the first $110,000.
    Seriously, whats a retired Surgeon/Author doin needin SSI in the first place?
    OK, I(6) know your books arent really hoppin off the shelves, and the laparoscopes give you headaches, but c'mon, you must have saved up somethin for a rainy day.
    THATs your problem, livin somewhere where it rains 6 days a week...
    HAHAHA bet you didn't see that one comin, a whole twisting tail, politics, religion, tax policy, just to get to a joke about the terrible weather where you live...
    Oh yeah, ya gotta work on that brevity,
    Jeezus, you write like Internists F-word, slow and painful...


  2. I read recently that the real TeaBagger heaven is in China.

    You go to the hospital, you see a doctor, and from then on it's pay as you go, day by day, in cash, every day, or you are out!

    No unions - your boss doesn't pay you - too bad - better luck next month; and don't think "The Authorities" will be there for you.

    No regulation - if the fat cats want your land, or make you live in an sewer, ventilated with factory exhaust pipes it's "Move on Citizen!

    Yup! Freedom Luvin TeaBagger Heaven!

    And no damn free Social Security codger carts for you either!



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