Sunday, March 18, 2012


To me, this is infinitely more exciting, and it imbues me with an immeasurably greater sense of wonderment, of spiritual expansiveness, of connection to the world, than believing in an imaginary person or persons, the characteristics of whom are disagreed upon (and fought over, to the death) among all of those who claim knowledge of them with nothing but circular evidence.

But maybe that's just me, and a few others. Not enough, sadly, to halt our decent to Santoria law.


  1. I like "Santoria Law," but unfortunately when pronounced it's almost identical to "SanterĂ­a."

  2. I was aware of the similarity, but liked it anyway. In a way, it adds another layer, right?

  3. Thanks Dr. S., for a lovely link-- Maybe someday, our "connection" with the universe and each other will result in peace instead of discord. DD

  4. I am the Universe conscious of itself, right Doc?


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