Tuesday, March 6, 2012


If my blogging has been a little thin of late, it's because I'm at the tail end of a visit by an old college friend who, among many great attributes, happens to be the guy that introduced me to my future wife, way back when. After leaving Amherst he went to Harvard law, where he met Judy, an undergrad there. The rest, after a couple of fits and starts, is history.

Rick was in San Francisco when I was in training, and he and his wife were great friends of Judy and me. It's been more than 15 years since we've seen him, and it's been a great four days. Old friends are the best friends; never can be reminded of it enough. And in these times, it means a hell of a lot to remember. Good food, good gin, good conversation, good memories. It'll be sad when it's over.


  1. Nice. When were you at Amherst? My dad was class of '59.

  2. Gin? you really are old...
    just bustin balls..
    and I have fond memories of my Pimp, I mean guy who introduced me to Mrs. Drackman...
    and its funny how you mention your friends educational pedigrees, I'm not even sure where my wife went to college.
    I think NYU? just doesn't come up in conservation much.
    And tell me more, San Franciso, 1970's...
    Any Swapping?...


  3. Margy: '66

    Frank: elite snobs need love, too.

  4. Sid:

    Dead on about old friends. One reason I'm on my way to New Orleans is to reconnect with my best friend, best man, and individual who introduced me to my wife. We'll use a good bourbon to dredge up the better memories.


  5. Yeah, Larry, lubrication helps. And if the memories flow more easily, who cares if time and aging have altered them a little. (Rick, Judy, and I had differences of recollection on many things. Just made it more fun.)

    Have a beignet on me. Reimbursement to follow.

  6. did you really say

    "Lubrication Helps"?


    sorry, something about that phrase just tickles my funny bone.
    I mean of course lubrication helps, there's a reason the K-Y people make money...
    and if Big Government's so great why isn't there Government Subsidized K-Y? HMMMMMM??????????
    Just think about it, every tube of K-Y you've ever used, and you Surgeons use alot, I know, cause they ask me for some once in awhile, and I'll say,
    "Sorry Dr. Surgeon, I just don't feel that way about you"
    unless its one of the rare XX Surgeons...
    where was I, Oh yeah, have you ever seen a tube of K-Y made by the US government? It'd probably be dry and sticky.
    HAHA I daid "Dry and Sticky"
    I crack myself up sometimes,


  7. Dr. S: I agree that old friends are the best--I have three "girlfriends" I went to grade-school and high-school with--though we went separate ways after college (and are no longer girls) we stay connected by those youthful years. We are going on a long-overdue "road trip" next month (to Florida). Vodka martinis will be on the menu.
    No better fountain of youth than time spent with old friends--glad you enjoyed it.

  8. I was born in '63, grew up in Mass. I like that the two of us lived in the same state for a few years :).

  9. Sounds like a great time Dr S. :)

    It's really special when you share a history. It's comforting to share a familiarity regarding so many things. And fun rehashing old stories that cause you to bust out laughing every time. And catch each other up with news. And create some new memories.

    I think it's neat that my uncle and his childhood friends remained friends into in their 80s and 90s even tho they all eventually moved out of state when retired. Even went to the last H.S. reunion when he was 80. Pretty amazing since they didn't use social media like people today.

    Dr S, I love Gin and tonics with a lime twist. I wish you could cyber one to this Jersey girl. :)

  10. Secrets for a perfect gin and tonic: extra juicy limes and lots of juice, and making ice cubes out of tonic.

  11. Oh that does sound good - Thanks! Neat ice cube idea.

  12. Still waiting for your response to my response to your request for voting recommendations...


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