Thursday, March 1, 2012

Down There

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I've always thought that if I knew a little more about psychology and -- assuming it's knowable -- the teabaggR mind, I'd be able to understand their fixation on sex. Not so much sex as it applies to themselves (clearly, it scares and threatens them in many ways, although I don't know why), but why they worry so much about yours.

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  1. "fixation on sex"?
    its like the great George Michael said,
    "Sex is Natural, Sex is Good"
    and yes, I keep an "Orgasm Diary" like some runners do.
    You know, so you can tell how your doing, what works, what doesn't, etc.
    and we're talkin bout MY orgasms, not Mrs. Drackmans, she keeps her own diary.
    Or maybe she doesn't, long as I get's mine, Nome Sane?
    and who hasn't been scared or threatened by Sex?

    I remember MY first time, boy was I scared.
    I was all by myself!!!!
    and I remember asking my Mom what a "Dirty Sanchez" was, and she told me to go look it up myself.
    And it was 1972, no Google, so I didn't find out till 25 years later...



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