Friday, March 2, 2012

A Little ACA Truth

My enthusiasm for the ACA is mitigated by its complexity and especially by the fact that it leaves private insurers at the center of American healthcare finance, allowing them to continue to suck profits out of the system, pocketing money meant to care for people. (In my state, where insurers have been raising premium costs like right arms at at teabagger rally, while claiming skyrocketing expenses as the reason, it's been recently reported that they have billions in cash on hand.) Still, given the benefits to average people, it's amazing -- or would be, in a world where lies are rejected and truth is valued -- that so many people have been deceived into thinking otherwise.

It's obvious that if Rs get their way after the election, and that if they'd gotten it three years ago, we will not and would not have had any meaningful reform. Given the enormity of the problem, the manifold failings of our current system, the undeniable trajectory of unsustainability on which we find ourselves, and notwithstanding the enormous pressure from obvious interest groups to maintain the status quo, it's a remarkable accomplishment of Congressional Democrats and President Obama that such an effort was made at all, and that, given the opposing political forces, they succeeding in doing something. If imperfect, the ACA represents an actual effort by politicians to do what actually needs doing, sticking out their necks and legislating, despite the difficulty and the potential backlash from a well-oiled propaganda network of RWS™ and faux news. And the unanimous obstructionism of the Republican party.

I assume Republican active disinterest in health care reform stems largely from the idea that they have theirs and don't care about yours; not to mention palms greased by insurers. You'd think the contrast would be a no-brainer to thoughtful people.

But you'd be wrong, wouldn't you?


  1. Raising Premium Costs??
    B-B-B-B ut I thought Premiums would go down like Bill Clinton on Monica..
    I know, the "Affordable" part doesn't kick in for a while...
    like the 22d Century...
    But High-5-Up-High-Down-Low-Flip-Side for your use of
    and cudos for not saying "Folks" like that tool Bill O'riley.
    and you know I've lived a half a century, and never used the word "Folks".
    I prefer "Dumbasses, Pee-Ons, Stupid-Asses, which is really just a variant of "Dumbass"...
    But I love your barely concealed disdain for the Joe 6-Packs, Jose-seis-dos-secis, Jartavius-6-Colt-45s...those numbskulls too stupid to have a good job with Medical Insurance that still won't pay for a penis reduction..
    and whats up with THAT? You know how hard it is walkin around with my 10 inches every day?
    Thats right those dolts who dont listen to NPR, contribute to PBS, and say the "N-Word" more often than "Please".
    Seriously, try shootin hoops at a downtown Atlanta "Y" they say "N-Word" like I say "Uhhh"
    Which I say alot, I even write it alot, good thing I didn't write my Med School Application Essay...
    In fact most of em don't wipe there butts, much less wash there hands, and THATS WHO CLEANS OUR OPERATING ROOMS!!!!!!!
    Even the MRSA ones.
    You wouldn't know, cause your a Surgeon, and you dash out as soon as the last staple goes on.
    Oh excuse me, staples are these things they use to close wounds now a days.
    But we "AVERAGE PEOPLE" you know, the Technicians, Janitors, Gas Passers, we're in there when J'rule'queef'arious Kinte comes boppin in with his loud rap music playin.
    You think he gives a rip when I suggest he not eat his Chalupa over the table where a rich white man's gonna have his Aortic Valve Replaced?
    OK, I eat my food, but only a good 3 feet from the surgical field...


  2. Here's a little nugget for you, Frankie: people have asked why I post at 2 am, thinking I'm still sitting in my mom's basement blogging at that hour. Fact is, I can schedule them to appear at any time I choose, as you probably already know. So, knowing that you like to be on it early, I do it for you. Otherwise, you'd have to take time away from viewing porn above the ether screen.

    And yet, with all this consideration given, you still can't do anything but commentary crap. I don't know why I do it...

  3. OK, Sid, I know your still tryin to cancel your Compu-Serve account butt.............
    We have these things called "Time Zones", so my post at 3:32am, is lets see, pacific, mountain, central, eastern,
    6:32am, my time, which is an entirely reasonable hour to take care of ones daily functions, Shi*, Shower, Shave, Ridicule Surgeons...
    its like the 100 pushups I used to do till I tore my Rotator Cuff and they told me to stop...
    and I'm sorry if a Har, oh excuse me, Hah-Vud edju-ma-cated Surgeon talking about the "Average" peoples cracks me up...

    Frank "Average" Drackman

  4. So I guess you're saying that if I want to get a post up before, say, 6:30 your time I should post it before, say, 3:30 my time. Like, say, 2:00. Gee, wish I'd thought of that.

  5. Your tolerance of incoherent, anti fill-in-the-blank ramblings that have little relationship to your posts suggests to me that you are not a surgeon-you are a pediatrician.

  6. (Thurstown Howell Voice)

    Lovie, lets go down to the Yacht Club and see how the AVERAGE people enjoy there weekends...


    C'mon Sid, that was satire, wasn't it? You were pretending to be Mitt Romney...

    Great stuff..



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