Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Through His Teeth

Yesterday, Joe Scarborough, whose name appears over there to the left as a RWS™ with a line through it because he swings both ways, pointed out the obvious. Obvious, in that I've said it a million times: Mitt Romney bases his campaign on lies: deliberate, unrepentant, obvious, you're-too-stupid-to-care-because-you're-a-teabagger lies.

Romney has come under fire for his 2009 USA Today op-ed in recent days. In it, he suggested that President Obama look to Massachusetts, and adopt an individual mandate as part of national health care reform.

On Tuesday, Scarborough replayed a clip of Romney insisting that he never supported implementing Massachusetts' health care reform plan nationally. The MSNBC host bluntly alleged that Romney "lied" about his stance on an individual mandate.

"What does it say about a candidate, though, who wrote an op-ed in 2009 saying that, please apply what we did in Massachusetts nationally on an individual mandate, and then goes on the campaign trail yesterday and just lies?" he said, speaking to guest John Harwood of CNBC.

"He lied yesterday," Scarborough continued. "It’s on videotape. What does that — what are conservatives to think about that?"

He turned to co-host Mika Brzezinski for her opinion. "You know, Mika, you flinched when I used the word 'lie,'" Scarborough said. "Is that what he did yesterday?"

"It appears," she admitted.

It says so much: the man has no character. He regards his audience as fools. His audience are fools. Worse than fools: they simply don't care.

Riding on the reverse coat tails of Newt Gingrinch, whose candidacy at this point is clearly preventing Rick Santorum from winning the nomination (so much so that must wonder if Newt's casino sugar-daddy is in cahoots) Mitt feels free to keep giving 'em what they want. Lies. Ignorance. Made-up stuff. Long as it sounds good, long as it feeds the narrative of their hate for Obama no matter the truth of it, it's cool.


  1. Hey, your right, lubrication DOES help...
    sorry, thats still crackin me up.
    And just some constructive criticism...
    Your using the term "Teabagger" too much, it's like the N-Word, best used rarely, and with a full tank of gas...
    and speakin of Lubrication, how bout that Minka Brzeinski?(wasn't that a villain from "Superman"?)
    And in the Sanctity of the Voting Booth I pulled the lever, wait,
    clicked the "Santorum Box" with the stylus(We Be High-Tech in Jaw jaw)and it really wasn't even that Sanct-ish, I swear the person next to me was tryin to steal my answers...
    But it seems almost as if Y'all are Scared of the Mitts-ter..
    Reminds me of 88' when everyone was certain Bush would lose...


  2. Huh, huh, Frank Drackman is advising me how often to use certain terms. Good one.

  3. No Prob-lemo Sid,
    and how about "Santorum Box"?
    I didn't even get that Double En-Tawdry right away.
    Its like an old Carnac joke

    Carnac "Santorum Box"
    Carnac "What does Rick Santorum like best about Mrs. Santorum"?

    Frank "Lubed Up" Drackman

  4. If the best the Republicans can do is Mitt-the Liar, Gingrich-the-Blowhard and Rick-the Fanatic. . . And the best the Democrats can do is Obama-the Incompetent--what does it say about the condition of US politics in general? What sane person even wants to run for public office and be submerged in the media fish-bowl where every word ever spoken is running on some internet or cable channel? Past politicians did not have every utterance played back Jon Stewart's show. All media scrutiny aside, I primarily feel contempt for politicians (and their objective to get elected at any cost) What appears to motivate career politicians is personal power, not altruism.

  5. Guess we agree about politicians in general, and most certainly about the R crew of hopefuls; but I'd need more detail from you to understand in what ways you consider Obama incompetent.

  6. what ways Obama is incompetent..

    Oh I don't know,

    1: Mentioning "My Muslim Faith" instead of keeping it quiet.

    2: Picking Trig Palin, I mean that other Mongoloid, Joe Biden for VP.

    3: Commander in Chief who pronounces Corpsman "Corpse Man".

    But thats not fair there was his masteful handling of the, I mean

    4: BP Oil Spill.

    I know "He" (and by "He" I mean the Navy SEALS) killed Bin Laden, then gave him a tasteful politically sensitive Muslim Burial...



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