Thursday, March 29, 2012

You Read It Here Last

Found in Ronald Reagan's personal diary, and released by the Ronald Reagan Library, which sort of preempts what would otherwise be the Foxohannity attempts to suggest it's false:

Although at the time I felt I could more effectively get my ideas of a collective philosophy accomplished as a Republican more so than a Democrat, I realize now that the Republican Party was indeed the party of purely individual rights, not the Democrats. When I worked as the president of the Screen Actors Guild I understood the need for people to stick together for the greater good to get their goals accomplished. I admired other great presidents of the past such as Franklin Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower who knew that in order for the nation to thrive, we must all thrive. I am also saddened that the Republican party of today thinks I wanted God in the White House and to rule the nation. That is not true at all, after I was nearly assassinated I wanted God more in my own personal life. I acknowledged that I was to be here for a reason and serve him and my nation together, but they always stayed separate in my mind just as in the Constitution. The Republican party today merely just uses God as a means to get votes, and I don’t believe Jesus would want to be used as a marketing tool. I regret my decision to become Republican and if I had to do it all over again I would have remained in the Democratic party and ran on their ticket. They seem to instill the core values I believe in, such as a collective philosophy. I thought for a while the Democrats left me, because we used to agree on so much, it turns out that I did indeed leave them, and I would do anything to take it all back. Now as I sit here as an old man, I can only imagine, “what if…”

Had he ever said it openly, it might have changed my measure of him, a little. But Reaganomics was and is still a crock, and his love for the Constitution seems to have ended at a line somewhere between Iran and Nicaragua.

[Update: well, I was snookered, as a reader pointed out in the comments. It's satire; had I read through the bottom of the article, I'd have seen it myself. I did actually think, as I read it, that he seemed a lot more cogent than he'd been when he left office... Embarrassing.

Another reader had pointed out the article to me in another comment thread, and I bought it, hook, line, and sinker. Guess Frank is right about Alzheimer's.... mine.]


  1. Umm, how can I say this diplomatically?

    Thats why they call it Alzheimers. Its like when my Grandfather got it and used to mistake my teenaged sister for his wife, well maybe not as creepy as that...
    But if it wasn't for Ronaldus Maximus I and his Claudius-esque Mini-Me GHWB, you wouldn't have Kennedy, Scalia, and My Favorite Wise Justice of Color Clarence "Frogman" Thomas on the Surpreme Bench..
    Ha Ha...late June is gonna be so Sweet.
    Well actually it'll be miserably hot and humid where I live, but the Sturm und Drang that'll be comin out the Marxist Stream Media....


  2. Uh oh, Sid... this was at the bottom of that link:
    Satire Disclaimer
    March 7, 2012
    By Sarah Wood
    Free Wood Post is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within are fiction, and presumably fake news.

    Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental, except for all references to politicians and/or celebrities, in which case they are based on real people, but still based almost entirely in fiction. is intended for a mature, sophisticated, and discerning audience.

  3. Ooops, that's embarrassing. I did think, as I read it, that he was surprisingly lucid for a guy who was showing signs of dementia even in office. Guess I'll leave the post up with an acknowledgment.

  4. Forgive me, I missed the satire part. Maybe it is because I would think at the end of one's life one would regret some of the bad decisions made.


    Sid, do you have to be a Surgeon 24-7?
    Just say "I Knew it was a joke all along" instead of insulting a dead President who should be the 5th head on Mt Rushmore, or at least on the $50 bill instead of that Jerk Grant.
    And Ronaldus Maximus I at his Alzheimerie-ist was smarter than Jimmuh Duh Cartuh at his Beating-Killer-Rabbits-To-Death-i-est.
    And that Killer Rabbit story isn't satire, it really happened.

    Frankie "The Nose" Drackman


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