Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'd Pay A Ton To See This

Sarah Palin, knowing it'll never happen, has this to say to/about President Obama:

"... I’m more than happy to accept the dubious honor of being Barack Obama’s 'enemy of the week' if that includes the opportunity to debate him on the issues Americans are actually concerned about..."


"I’m willing and free to discuss these issues with the President anywhere, anytime," Palin wrote.

Actually, I think it'd be a smooth move for Obama to take her up on it, because one of two things would happen: given her history of crapping out when the stuff gets tuff and her refusal ever to face a non-bogus non-preprogrammed press conference, she'd likely find a way out. Maybe by replacing "anywhere, anytime" with "moderated by Fox "news"" and "questions submitted a month in advance." Or, against all expectations, she'd do it, and be revealed as the shallow and uninformed person she is, who's never taken a hard question and fielded it with aplomb.

President Obama could accept by saying that Sarah Palin represents lots of good people in this country, and her opinions are valued by them. Therefore, it'd be of national significance to air her views, to let her ask questions and receive proper answers, and be made to do the same. Nothing could better clarify the choices we'll face in the coming election. For she's the perfect surrogate to highlight what all of the candidates are vs Obama: dumb vs smart; clueless vs informed; deceptive vs truthful.

If he did it, since she's already implied she's ready at the droppings of a moose, he should accept, send a plane for her, and hold the event within hours, before she has time to be fed answers and write them on her hand. After all, in the eyes of her devotees, and of Sarah herself, she knows everything about everything already. Let her choose the location. Let me choose the questions. (They'd be real, I promise. Important, issue-oriented, realistic, fair. With followup. Like has never happened.)

O god o god o god. If I were a praying person I'd be on my knees right now, begging like Jimmy Swaggart for it to happen.


  1. C'mon Sid,
    Oh yeah, like our Not-Muslim,Really-President's so great in unrehearsed spontaneous situations
    I know your retired and everythang, but HBO is only...
    OK, I don't know how much extra HBO costs, they make those damn Cable Bills so confusing.
    Just get the 3 month free trial package, just don't forget to cancel it like I did...
    And so she writes stuff on her wrists? Have you ever heard of CHECKLISTS???
    Of course not, your an Old-School(literally) Surgeon, and you remember how many laps you used in your Big Surgeon Haid'.
    I write stuff down all the time, OK, not usually on my arm, I like to put a big piece of waterproof tape on my pants leg, its disposable, and far enough away I don't need my reading glasses...


  2. Heck, we could make this a fabulous fundraiser for some worthy organization like Planned Parenthood! I would pay good money to see this.

    Then after our President wipes the floor with Sarah "Fluff Ball" Palin, she would finally shrink back to mediocrity and hopeful obscurity.

    Please, oh please let this happen.


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