Friday, June 11, 2010


Well, here's a small amount of good news. In California, a cadré of four lawyers ran against four sitting judges, with the claim that they'd bring Jesus to the bench. Making not even the pretense of judicial impartiality, they wanted the job on the basis of their pledge to rulings based on the Bible.

They lost, resoundingly.

On the other hand, it was California, not exactly the reddest of the red. Were the races in Texas, or Georgia, I'd bet on the thumpers. And, heck, even in CA thirty-five or forty percent of voters were willing to turn the judiciary over to theocrats. Toss the Constitution overboard. Pretty shocking, when you look at it like that. People like clergy and homophobes, according to the article. Neighbors.

Still, it means that there are still clots of people here and there who understand the value to all of us -- even the religious -- of separation of church and state; Sarah and Michelle (the other one) notwithstanding.


Sili said...

Huh. I thought these guys didn't like activist judges. I guess the public agrees.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you mean like the Muslim in Chief(Oil be upon Him)?
He's against SSM to, BTW.
and even though he's against "Don't ask/Dont Smell"(a Democrat Policy instituted by Bill Clinton FWIW) he hasn't done any more to let hole pluggers serve openly than he has to plug the hole in Deepwater Horizon...
And what does Sarah Michelle Gellar have to do with separation of Church and State?


Anonymous said...

Silli--When I am queen, there will be a proclamation that, whenever someone who was okay with Bush v Gore complains about "activist judges," you can just slap them.

Anonymous said...

With Republicans ("Conservatives", "Independents", "Libertarians","TeaBaggers" - all the same, really; they're just Republicans that are ashamed to admit it) it's always "Heads we win; tails you lose."

It's like an in-law of mine who said to me:

"Sure, I'm a racist; but I don't want anybody to call me a racist!"

Comic and schizophrenically strange to hear such an utterance from one who is free with Nigger this and Greaser that and Towelhead warrrgarble.

They always want it both ways; which is always their way.

I think they represent a genetic hangover from an ancient malfunction of DNA, that at one of it's extremes produces serial killers, such as Manson, Van der Sloot et. al., and at the other extreme, specimens like DrekMan...Family man, Physician, Aviator, Racist, Sexist, ...Plagiarist...(ScornBeUponHim)... a perfect example of the ilk.

I want to think that because, I don't want to believe that such creatures could actually be the products of a civilized society.

What rational process could produce such vicious beings? But there they are! Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Frank--Do you get high before you post? It would explain a lot.

Anonymous said...

Molly-- have you had sex this century?? It would explain alot.

SeaSpray said...

Dr S, I apologize for being off track. I'd like to invite you and your readers to a new medical blog ..*neutral* ground which will focus on the positive.

It is a collaborative effort (lot of fun too), between Chrysalis Angel, Lockup Doc and myself. Not sure where the journey will end.

I know it may not be your collective cup of tea ..but I wanted to invite you, Frank, Eugene,and your other readers to come on over... because life can be so stressful now... in this country and worldwide. maybe in our little corner we will provide a little light, hope and/or laughter. :)

Please forgive me that I have not commented ..but with friend's dx that became overload for me and i just could not take in much more negativity and have slowed with even watching news or listening to radio. Can't even look at wildlife or beaches in the Gulf!

I know this is your place to vent(you write so well) and we all do that in different ways. For me it is usually a zany post... which usually stems from a real life experience. :)

While I know you may disagree politically ..I think you may find this post by Throckmorton interesting. Wow! I feel bad about being to chatty a patient now with my docs. I feel a whole new level of respect after reading that ..and frustration with the health care system at how seemingly unfair doctors are increasingly being treated and concern as a patient wondering if we will continue to have high quality HC and physicians?

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