Friday, June 18, 2010

Message Received

It was a lightning strike, in case you hadn't heard.

It's safe to assume, I assume, that many -- if not all -- of the members of that church believe in miracles. Surely they pray for interventions of one sort or another all the time: that's what believers do. So what could be more of a sign from above than a bolt from the blue, taking out the statue with inerrant aim (leaving intact, according to reports, the adult video store next door)? On what basis could a believer-in-miracles reject the event as an act of their god? I mean, if we pick and choose, then what's the point? I've said it before: if the kid who survives the school bus crash is a miracle, so are the ones that died.

It's gotta be a message, right? What message, I can't say. Perhaps only art criticism: it was, after all, a pretty tasteless monstrosity, egregiously outsized, seemingly pleading for someone to pull him out of the water (can you imagine the macerated feet, the shriveled...?) Still, were I in the congregation I'd be a bit loath to rebuild, which, they are saying, is the plan. I'd suggest they leave it exactly as is.

Because, isn't rebuilding that craven image a direct affront to their god? If a lightning bolt, in the context of Jesus and a church, isn't about as clear a statement as you can hope to get, what the hell is? Or if it isn't, how can they claim to be able to interpret any event; how can they continue to pray for signs, for miracles? What's the point, if you're gonna reject that as a message pitch, high and tight?

Really, I'd like to know.


  1. That Zeuss is one Bad Mother-Hush Yo Mouth....
    I'll take the guy with the lightning Bolts over the Hippy guy with the Mexican name anyday...
    Finally something we can agree on, except of course that Afghanistan's a senseless waste of young American lives, Americans who might discover the cure for cancer, or an alternative to finite Fossile Fuels, if there lives weren't cut short defending shifty middle east Potentates...
    Time to make my sacrifice to Thor...
    Thats what I call takin a dump.


  2. I recall the cloudless day the (then) new Mormon temple opened, here in San Diego.

    A statue of the angel Moroni stood on the topmost point of the building, facing East.

    As the faithful proudly celebrated and dedicated their temple to the co-equal trinity of God the Father, Jesus and... Joesph Smith

    - All of whom shall sit in judgment on humanity -

    a bolt of lightning struck the statue's right arm, shearing off the angel's upraised arm and the trumpet it held.

    Well, that was embarrassing - talk about signs and miracles -

    But of course it was just seen as a 'meaningless' freak accident.

    I understood that the "Mormons" took their name from this angel "Moroni" - would he be - the angel of "Morons."


  3. Ewwww-Gene, a Mormon Slam!!!
    takes some real guts to insult a religion that's committed I don't know, ZERO acts of terrorism. Let me know when you post a drawing of Moe-hammed takin a dump, like I did on MY award winning blog.
    I know, those door to door missionarys are annoying, do like me, offer em a Beer and challenge em to a game of Horse, loser has to convert to the others religion...
    Who ya gonna insult next, Urine Van der Sloot???

    Big Man,

    Frank "I got your LDS right here" Drackman

  4. "Treating blacks as second class or less for a century;"

    Are we talking about democrats suddenly? You know--the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow laws?

    Yes, then even you'd have to admit that Obama pals around with terrorists.

  5. Depends on your definition of terrorism, I guess, Frankie. Treating blacks as second class or less for a century; then spending millions (and lying about it) to ensure that a large group of loving people are denied their rights... I guess no one was killed, but a lot were made to feel really bad, deliberately. Emotional terrorism. Ethical terrorism. Like that.

  6. That's the sort of comment I've been rejecting of late, Blue. But I think it's useful once in a while to remind people what a lousy representative of the opposition you are, bereft of anything that advances your argument or says anything we haven't heard for years on Fox "news" or out of the mouth of Sarah Palin.

    On the other hand, there really are no good representatives of true conservatism of late, so what the hell.

  7. DrekMan...Family Man, Physician, Aviator ,Racist, Sexist, Clueless, TeaBagging Homophobe and Plagiarist... (FactsBeUponHim)...

    True, you don't know. Not quite Zero:

    "The Mountain Meadows massacre was a mass slaughter of the Fancher-Baker emigrant wagon train at Mountain Meadows, Utah Territory, by a local Mormon militia and members of the Paiute Indian tribe on September 11, 1857.

    It began as an attack, quickly turned into a siege, and eventually culminated in the murder of the unarmed emigrants ...after their surrender.

    All of the party except for seventeen children under eight years old—about 120 men, women, and children—were killed.

    After the massacre, the corpses of the victims were left decomposing for two years on the open plain, the surviving children were distributed to local Mormon families, and many of the victims' possessions were auctioned off at the Latter-day Saint Cedar City tithing office."

    They got the victims to surrender by promising them safe passage - then, after they laid down their weapons they killed them.

    They always liked to get the people they disliked killed by Indians - then they could blame (as above)the "Savages"

    To this day they still deny responsibility. See it@ Wikipedia

    If you knew what these people believe, you would understand that they are far weirder than your average TeaBagging "Christianist"; Even you Drekman!

    Who next? Why... you of course!

    On a lighter note:
    Never go fishing with one Mormon, he will drink all the beer: but two are OK - you will have all the beer to yourself.


  8. "A Large Group of Loving People are denied there Rights"??????
    Oh you mean like how Homos(If you can use the T-word, I can use the H-one) aren't allowed to die openly in Afghanistan? Your side's been in Power hmmm 18 months for the Hole-Plugger-in-Chief, 3 1/2 years for Congress, if not Now whene??? Let My Ho-Mos Go!!!!!!!!!
    to Afghanistan!!!
    Ha Ha, what a Burn..............



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