Thursday, June 17, 2010


I haven't yet posted what I wrote after watching President Obama's Oval Office speech. Disappointed, I wanted to let it settle for a while. Why did he even bother, was my central thought. Has he become deaf to his own words?

Then I saw the above clip, and realized it captured much better than I'd written what my thoughts were. The message is exactly what we should have heard. And didn't.

On the other hand, the next day President Obama announced something really astounding: a twenty billion dollar escrow account that BP will establish to pay for damage done. What he lacked in words, he made up for, in large part at least, in action.

Which, jaw-droppingly, drove Republicans crazy. Actually, it's the entire gaggle of Congressional Republicans. Holding a private corporation accountable to the people whose lives it destroys after flouting the law, it turns out, is anathema to them!!!

How can it be that Republicans are poised to make enormous gains in November? It's un-frickin-believable. Democrats are nothing if not meek and afraid; but, my god, it's like choosing between walking by a panhandler and Jack the Ripper.

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  1. It's a "Natural Disaster" - that's what BPublicans are calling it.


    Naturally: BPublicans gutted enforcement of oil Industry regulation. Remember the Cheney secret cabal with the OilyMen.

    Naturally, they foxed the chicken coops.

    Naturally, they received big donations - Barton got 1.5 million

    Naturally, BPublicans rallied round the fillers of the trough and are now referring to a "Natural Disaster.

    Naturally, they wanted us to suck up their clients costs for the mess BPublicans enabled.

    Naturally, their Tea Bagging, InsaneClownPosse sycophants blame Obama. (You know who you are)

    "Tea Party-backed candidate Bill Randall, who is vying to capture North Carolina's 13th district U.S. House seat, recently speculated that there may have been "some sort of collusion" between the government and BP that may have caused the massive oil spill"

    See it@:

    Corruption and greed just come naturally to these evil scum.

    Anything else would be - UNatural.



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