Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Expiration Date?

What's the shelf-life of prayer? It's well over a week, now, since the day declared for the purpose of stopping the leak of oil. Is the celestial in-box full? Maybe the prayer numbers didn't meet the reserve? Or is it still being processed? When Sarah Palin chimed in, did that reset the timer or, like me, does God consider her such a joke that he ignored her? Did she cancel the whole thing out? Since so much is at stake, I suppose I have to hope not.

Well of course we can't say what time is to God. Depending on your biblical literalism, a "day" is either about a thousand years, or a billion. So maybe he hasn't checked his answering machine lately. On the other hand, if it's because a week is such a trivial amount of time that he has barely noticed yet, I'd have to say the kidnapped kid, the person trapped in the earthquake, the patient in the ICU is just screwed.

If I didn't know better, it'd make me question the power of prayer.


  1. Your Right Sid, I prayed you'd post something Interesting....
    Speaking of Sara Palin, She was in my town last night, quite the Stunner, I must say.
    and have you seen Elana Kagan??? I thought the President(Sweet Crude be upon Him) appointed a Woman???
    Seriously, she's even uglier than Sotomayor, as hard as that is to believe...


  2. "Celestial in-box' -- just about the funniest link you've ever put in (and you've run some gut-busters.)

    Thanks for the great laugh to start my day!

  3. The celestial god, who stands outside of time and space, and somehow created the universe out of nothing, and, who sometimes mysteriously intervenes in the affairs of man, is a creation of Greek Sophist thought, distilled from their mathematical and geometric search for truth and wisdom.

    Ironic, that their search for truth through inquiry and their willingness to follow arguments to their logical conclusion, has led to a religion where every question is seen as sacrilege and heresy.

    In one of his dialogues, a student of Plato - apparently just from simply observing the world around him - questioned the existence of Gods thus:

    "Either there are no gods, or if they exist, they take no care of man."

    That's where I'm at; I wonder and hope, but I look at a world filled with vicious people, who claim to adore an all loving and all forgiving god; but who love only themselves and forgive nothing.

    I despair.



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